Quick knits update:

Fingerless mittens no real pattern…

Mittens liners for my dad…

These are a simple ribbed cuff with an all over linen stitch for extra warmth.  These mittens shine all the more I think because of the amazing colorway of this manos yarn.  I totally want a whole sweater out of this yarn.

This little handspun hat was knit for my dad.  The Mr spun the yarn and I knit it.  And most of all he really likes the hat and hasn’t taken it off since he received it.

I’m finally knitting something for myself.  This little alpaca and handspun pullover is something purely just for me with out designing in mind. I’m going for a professor collar and oversized sleeves with small cuffs. Something light but warm and personal.

I also added sleeves to my april showers cardigan and now just need a few buttons & the pattern will be ready shortly (after of course I get it modeled on a real person!)

I have a few new knitting designs that are begging to be knit up.  I have a sweater design that is threatening to eat my brain if I don’t knit it RIGHT NOW. So keep tuned for that.

Here in Washington I have to admit that it doesn’t feel like winter.  Maybe that is because I am a midwest girl and I can’t equate winter with out 20 foot tall shopping mall icebergs of snow but I have to reiterate that this is probably my favorite place to live in my adult life.  Right now a deep fog has settled over the valley but the air temperature stays around 50*.  I have to say that Oregon and Washington are probably the best states in the union for wearing a sweater.  Everything here has inspired me so much that I fear my knitting won’t be able to keep up with all the ideas I have.  Keep tuned for an interesting cardigan with deep pockets and hood all with interesting not yet before seen construction 🙂

It may rain a lot but everything is always so sparkly and clean and green.

My dad as I have said is visiting and I’ve been trying to get out and do things that I might not otherwise do by myself.  I dragged the boys to chocolate fest in Portland this last weekend and it was a little underwhelming.  I’m sure there was a lot of great chocolate but honestly, I’d say 2 out of every 5 vendors weren’t friendly and if they did have samples they kept them behind their product and you would have had to ask.  Well I’m not really into that so there were a lot of booths that I passed up just because when I approached I got a dead fish stare from the booth keeper.  The moral is, SAY HI to your booth visitors.  I had money to spend but won’t spend a dime if you don’t engage me.

There were highlights, like this random woman being painted to become a huge bonbon and sake tasting (wine tasting was $1 a dixie cup which I think is ridiculous especially if you’ve ever tasted in California. They give you glasses and tastes for free.).

After we were done with sugar we needed some real food.  I had seen this restaurant before and since the Mr was along and he is a huge sandwich lover we  stopped into Michael’s.  This was the best decision of the day.  These sandwiches are amazing, the staff is super friendly and funny,  and the meat is fresh and home made.  What more could you want?  I’m sure Portlander’s know all about this place but I didn’t and am now glad I do! 🙂

and because I can’t resist a shiney surface…


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  1. I Love my hat! Wearing the liners inside my chopper shells. Eight inches of snow so far today, with sub-zero temperatures starting Wednesday.

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