Kicking Around

Yesterday I met my very first Flickr friend Monica for coffee.  We’ve yarn crawled before but this was the first time we just sat and chatted and knit.   I picked the coffee place because I have been determined to try something new each time I head to Portland.  We met up at Coava Roastery and I only have one thing to say…I am not cool enough to have coffee here.  First as I entered I was esthetically pleased by the bare blond woods and cast iron but as my eyes scanned over the huge empty space toward the vast empty coffee bar I felt the the first stomach turning twinges of dorkiness fall upon me.  There was no menu, nothing describing what services were offered, what prices you would be charged (I mean I could get a cup of coffee and sign away my soul as far as I could see) and staring back at me was a thin (boarding on skinny) blond haired hipster in skinny jeans and a lumberjack beard.  Preita was once again completely out of place.

So I bottled up my fear of ridicule and judgement and headed up to the bar to order something that would hopefully resemble coffee.  Thankfully the hipster was very friendly (as all Portlander’s are I’m finding) and after some discussion and the perusal of the 4 (yes, only 4) coffee choices available I made a blind shot in the dark and ordered a drip coffee.  Now people, if I invited you over for coffee and got out my glass beaker, stainless steel coffee filter, and hot water and started pouring the water slowly over the grounds into my glass beaker for you I would be surprised if you didn’t think I was a tool because in fact I would be one.  Here though, it seemed to kinda sorta work, I had to bite back any snarky comments that I would have found hilarious but I’m sure the barista wouldn’t have appreciated.   After all was said and done I paid my $2, tipped the barista because he did after all poor that water oh so slowly forcing me to make small talk and waddle through the awkward silences as we both watched coffee grounds slowly (OMG SLOWLY) being brewed and headed off to a large table with Monica to sip our overly pretentious coffee and knit.

Isn’t Monica adorable? I think she is, I also think she chose a smarter coffee than me as the noise from the espresso machine made it impossible for her and her barista to try to get to know each other.  So we sat and chatted and knit and it was lovely because unlike starbucks these barista’s didn’t care at all that we sat there & bought only one coffee, laughed loudly and had a good time.

After a while we wandered down the street to Renovation which is a cool salvage/ reclamation store and also a small cafe.  This is the place where we should have gotten coffee.  We just weren’t cool enough for Coava.

Not only were they super friendly (ala Portland) but they didnt’ mind that we really only were wandering around to take pictures.  One employee even offered to hold glasses that Monica was buying to that she could have both hands free for her camera.  Super awesome.

Polish your knob? lol

If you have an antique lamp the only thing keeping it from being super special is an antique style bulb.  I think these were just about the coolest ever.  I love the flickering and the warmness of the glow compared to standard bulbs.

I have to admit that I think this Bat light is very cool and of course the theme from Batman runs through my head, but seriously, where would you ever EVER put it?  I guess you could put it in your room and read your trashy vampire pre-teen angsty novels under it, but I think even that’s pushing it.

The best thing about home decor places?  You can’t get away from reflective surfaces! LOVE!!!

I obviously don’t notice other people when I’m in camera mode.  Here I told Monica to stop moving, apparently I didnt’ notice the weird guy to my left who was trying to get out of the shot.  Well, here’s to you weird guy!  Here is your .000001 second of fame! WOOOO Weird Guy!!!

Three for the price of one!  Though I think if you actually had 3 Preita’s you would go deaf, it’s just a scientific law because no one brain can stand that much chatter.

All in all it was a fabulously wonderful day.  I have someone who has a week day off to pal around with who also knits, spins & photographs ans we both get to explore a region we are new to. Love that.

In other news I’ve been knitting.  Yeah, like that’s a total surprise right? please, but I’ve been knitting my designs.  Things I’m super excited for.  One is just about done & will be ready for the public soon enough.  It’s my April Showers Cardigan.  I need to put on the sleeves & get some proper model shots but it’s looking as cute as I hoped.  

Another cardigan is also in the works and I need to make one in my size as soon as I’m done! It’s that adorable. 🙂

With that I’ll leave you with my weird alien seed pods from my yard.


6 thoughts on “Kicking Around

  1. Have you noticed that your weird alien seed pods look like lips?! You should have ended this post with a good old SWAK from the early 90s. 🙂 Seriously, I just looked at that photo again, and they kinda freak me out.

  2. omg! that was the best post ever! I had SO much fun hanging out. It’s refreshing to hang out with someone who doesn’t get annoyed with me when I want to stop and take pictures of things. Not to mention the knitting! double win! 🙂

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