A Quicky

We are headed up to Seattle today for Thanksgiving. As soon as the Mr gets home we are loading up the car with the dog & heading off.  These are the Pacific NW Salyers and it’s nice to be semi close to some family.  I sometimes wish we were the ones that were visited but that’s never been the case and probably won’t ever be.

Thankfully we are with in driving distance.

What has happened since the last post. Well it officially became winter & so it snowed. Tank got a new coat & actually does very well in it.  He’s a big dog, but not a hairy one so a rain coat/ parka was a must. Especially since we go to the dog park daily. I think I take my dog to the park more often than some people do with their kids!

Since I get asked this A LOT, I got Tank’s coat at Pets On Broadway in Portland.  They have a ton of designs, larger sizes (who knew that my dog and I would have the same fit problems?!) and friendly staff.  I felt bad when Tank growled at the sales gal who was helping me put on his coat, but I think I would have growled too if someone caught my wiener (assuming I was male and HAD a wiener) in the elastic. It was $28 bucks (no sales tax, thank you Oregon) and it’s machine washable.  What more could you want?

I have put out seed for the birds and though the squirrels can get to it, they preferred their own way.

I have designed a simple shawl and have found a new model!

Pattern coming soon.

My mother has sent her usual pre-Christmas package with goodies to be enjoyed before the holidays.  This however is the most amazingly horrific and awesome thing I could have ever expected.  Mom, seriously, you couldn’t have done better unless you sent me a zombie ornament!

Not only is it super metallic & has a scary “I’ll end your existence” smile, but it’s motion activated and TALKS.  Seriously, I love it, and I love it because it’s so horrific. I’m a little afraid of how awesome this is.

Also, the Mr and I had family portraits done with an amazing photographer here in Portland.  He was fab, fun, easy-going, and did amazing work.  The Mr and I are not America’s Next Top Model fierce so I had my doubts but the photos turned out fab.  Can’t wait to order!



3 thoughts on “A Quicky

  1. yes it is horrific and we all laughed and played with it at work until chris finally said enough turn it off, then we laughed some more and thought about you and matt openning it and thinking i had finally really gone around the bend on this one. you will notice that it came with all batteries and ready to go when you opened the box.
    it has done it’s job to announce the beginning of the season.
    love mom

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