Portland, the Tour has Started

I’ve been spending much more time wandering the area from Vancouver to Portland exploring, trying to remember fabulous things and taking pictures. Last week I did something I haven’t done in a long time. 1. I met up with an internet friend & 2. I went yarn crawling.

Moni & I have been friends on Flickr for like 5 years. Ever since I began taking pictures I think she was probably my first flickr contact.  So we’ve commented on each others pictures here & there and watched each other from a distance. When I moved up here I had no idea that she lived close by. So of course I was on that like white on rice & drug her out for a yarn shop hop.

It was fantastic. We hit up Twisted ( LOVE!), Knitting Bee, and the Yarn Garden before we finally needed a break.  Our break of course was Moni’s idea since she has been here a little longer than me.  She directed us toward Powell’s City Of Books.  I can’t even tell you people how awesome this book store it. It’s more like book meca. 4.5 floors of books. Everything you could want in book form with one exception…

This is apparently all anyone knows about Scandinavia. Seriously, there were 5 books on Finland. Kinda lame but I’m not sure that has anything to do with book shops, I think there just might not be a whole lot of books published in english about these subjects.

Moni & I first checked out the craft section.  It was huge! Books I didn’t even know existed!

I ending up walking away with a book completely devoted to entrelac. I love technical pieces like this that give you a whole new idea for something you thought you knew.

I love the above picture for nothing else than it looks like the shelves go on forever, which they just about do!

You can find books like this (which I think are in Russian?) with covers that look like a bad acid trip amongst a full 12X18 foot row of bibles.

If you are in Portland or around the city and haven’t visited as I hadn’t you need to make a bee line for this store. They give you a MAP! That’s how huge it is.

I visited one last store after I dropped Moni off at the train. A store I won’t mention here.  This window was beautiful, the yarns were ok (they had Shelter which was the only reason I went) but the whole feel of the store left much to be desired.  It was knit night, usually the friendliest night in any shop but no, they huddled together with staff and ignored that I circled for 20 minutes trying to gather up the courage to ask them to move a little so I might see the rest of the shop.  They never once greeted me (including the staff) till I checked out, and never made any indication that anyone could join their knitting night.  Now don’t get me wrong, I have belonged to a knitting group for 3 years and know that there are people that don’t always click, but we recognized, invited, and greeted every person who came in the shop on a thursday that we didn’t know already.  If they just wanted to shop we always were aware that we were sitting in front of some yarn and if they even looked like they might want to see it (or frankly TOUCH IT) we would jump right out of their way. Frankly, this store lost my business and I can’t say I would recommend anyone there either.

The next day I decided I needed a wander. Being that I am an only child it really doesn’t even occur to me not to wander around a city for hours by myself.  I first headed over to a spot that I had seen the day before. It had crazy columns and interesting looking displays (from what I could see as it was closed).

The store actually ended up being Hippo Hardware.  I can’t even begin to tell you the complete awesomeness that is this store.

Do you find yourself in need of a cool, vintage, or unique piece of lighting, plumbing, or fixture? Look no further because this place will BLOW YOUR MIND!

Upon entering the store I was greeted with one of Portland’s characteristically amazingly nice inhabitants who must have seen right into my soul for she said hello then…”The lighting is all the way up stairs, the plumbing is floor 2 and the most important thing of all is the bathroom is right behind you!”  How could she have known? If you know me, you know that I always need a bathroom on an outing and I will scope them out and add them to an internal rollidex of “Best Stores”.

inside was amazing. I just didn’t even know where to start.  Even better is that they all seemed to know I was only there to take pictures no one cared. (I will admit to walking away with a moose coat hanger).

Seriously, anything you could ever desire is probably at this shop. (well home wise anyway!)

Lamps and lights were by far their forte! There were so many and they were all so beautiful and unique!

Just the sheer amount of stuff to look at was almost overwhelming! I’m definitely going back because there are some great looking floor lamps I want to check out.

After the hardware store I dropped by Lone Fir Cemetery per my nifty Portland guidebook.  It was completely amazing.  There were Union soldiers buried there! I honestly didn’t even think about there being civil war era graves here but there were a lot!

A few people seemed to use the cemetery as a short cut but for the most part it was pretty quiet as cemeteries are.

There were a lot of markers like this one, a cut off tree with scroll work talking about this person being a Woodsman of the World which I believe has something to do with logging.

It really makes you wonder if anyone remembers these people anymore or if they are just names in stone.

There were lots of masons but this was by far the nicest depiction of all of them.

It also comes to mind how short these lives were compared to today.  These people did so much in such a short time it makes you feel a bit unworthy for all that you put off doing.

Saturday we had a family portrait session with an amazing fun photographer in an urbany grungy setting. I can’t wait to see the pictures but I know so far that he does amazing work so here’s hoping we gave him something to work with!

So in the name of doing something crazy each day the Mr and I went to Voodoo Donuts in Portland on Sunday.  If you haven’t been I have only one question…WHY? Seriously, if you live here you need to visit.

1. this is a relatively short line. The amazing donut barista are fast as lightning so don’t waste their time. Know what you want or let them pick but keep the line moving.

This place only accepts cash (but the photo booth only accepts credit). they DO have an ATM but it’s hiding, so don’t leave and go look or else this line could happen to you.

2. Please make your kids sit down or play pin ball. Getting constantly pushed by a 5 year old will make me loose my temper.

3. Do remember that peanut butter on donuts is just about the best thing ever.

4. Tip these donut givers because man, they work their butts off!

OK, enough for today. Hopefully soon I’ll have knitting to share too!



5 thoughts on “Portland, the Tour has Started

  1. I SO need to go to VooDoo doughnut! everyone keeps talking about it. It’s like the food carts.

    What a fun day! Glad you liked Powells! we definitely need to plan another adventure 🙂

  2. OMG Preita! I love Powell Books Store! Isn’t it the best? I could stay there all day. I lost David there and almost had a heart attack, thank God for cell phones.

    Next time you’re in Portland in the A.M., you and the Mr. need to have breakfast at “Mother’s”. Yummy!

    I think I’ve been to the Yarn store you mentioned. On a corner? Very small? Snooty, yes…

    Thank you for sharing your adventure (heard of Voodoo donuts!) and awesome photo’s. I loved those lamp’s and light switch covers!

    Miss you Preita, have a fabulous Thanksgiving! Keep Safe…Lisa

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