Catch Up

So I really didn’t mean to disappear for a few weeks after that last post. It’s just life I guess. I’ve been knitting a lot (some secret projects some not) and trying to get to know the area we moved to a little better.

I finished my second Constance Cowl and I love it. This is in a deep purple Lima by Rowan.

One thing I’ve noticed since moving and getting into the new house and away from California is that my skin has gone all sorts of fantastic on me.   That picture above shows me with only maskera on. Not even a hint of conceler. I love that! I don’t know if it’s the lack of stress or just the weather but going north has done wonders for my peace of mind and my body.

I finished knitting my string theory (scarf? cowl?) and I love it. I will say that I found knitting this boring and tedious but I wanted that finished project so bad I just knit until it was done. I think if I had chosen a heavier weight yarn (there is a dk version so you are saved!) I might have not been sucked into twisted stitch, purling hell.  I think that it’s more that I’m an ADD knitter and if I can’t get it done fast I don’t want to do it. (which is why I don’t knit afghan).

I have gotten so many compliments on it though and I get so much use out of it that I am glad I stuck with it. It was fun to meet the designer at Twisted in Portland (my new favorite yarn store so far) and a little embarrassing when I didn’t immediately realize that this was her design. 

If you’ve ever wanted to wrap a beautiful skein of yarn around your neck this is the pattern for you.

I’ve also been spinning.  This is some neat Black Welsh Mountain Sheep that I got through Mette.  It’s rustic and bouncy and a really nice black. I was thinking about plying it, but I’ve decided it looks great as a single. I’m hoping to have enough to do a short sleeved sweater out of it. I think it would lend really well to cables or chunky lace.

The Mr and I went venturing to Astoria the other weekend. It rained and wasn’t promising.  Tank rode in the back of the car looking somberly at the wetness (the dog hates water, what can I say?) the whole way.  We did manage to get a few breaks between the pounding HAIL and all in all it was a good day. We found a FINNISH STORE! I can’t even tell you how happy that made me. I walked in, and yup, everything looked familiar. I loved it. It was like walking into my Buppa’s house.

There’s this pillar in Astoria and it’s awesome. It has amazing carvings all over it and is truly a work of art. The hail and crazy lightening kept me in the car. We will have to go back for a closer inspection.

We did get out of the car and go to the jetty (which was amazing & deserves a different post & better non rain saturated pictures). Tank was not impressed. I did say he didn’t like water right? Well, the waves were incredible and hit the jetty with amazing force, driving a crazy spray over the observation deck.  Tank almost did not go down the stairs because of the wetness of it.  Instead, after he pulled me to my butt on the stairs after a huge wave soaked us both, the Mr took over and coaxed our coward down.

When the Mr told me about a shipwreck I was all expecting the titanic on a beach. Still, this was cool…I guess.

See that little bit of ship behind us? Yeah, that's the ship wreck. Not nearly as impressive as I would have thought.

We also went to a fort from WW2. It was pretty cool. It is the only place shelled in WW2 in the continental US.

Driving from Washington to Oregon (or visa versa) you need to cross water.  The bridges here are cool, this one gave me a little pause because the current was CRAZY.

Last weekend the Mr and I went to a huge antique expo in Portland. It was amazing. I love seeing how the antiques range from different regions of the US.  This is the major piece I bought. It’s an old oil cart used at a gas station. It’s been cleaned and finished with a great lid. This will be fiber and yarn storage in the living room. I can’t tell you how pleased I am with this (or how incredibly heavy this thing is. Can anyone say cast iron?)


Another new development is that I have taken golf back up. I used to play all the time with my parents when I was in junior high & high school but then stopped when I married the Mr and moved out to California. Golfing can be expensive. But Bish got the Mr into golfing and I didn’t want to be left home by myself so this is my belated birthday present.

Callaway Big Bertha's

I love them. Seriously, they fit perfectly, are nice & light and amazingly enough I’m not as rusty as I thought I would be. I’m still smacking those balls strait & fairly far.  What is amazing is how well the Mr has done at this new sport.  He has an amazing short game (which is usually where people fall flat) and can also really hit the ball (strait & far if he remembers the 1 billion things you need to account for in golf).  More important, he enjoys it. It’s fun going to the range with him and Bish after they get off work 🙂

And that about sums up what I’ve been doing. It’s sunny today which means Tank & I will be exploring another new park.  I have a few small designs I’m going to be publishing soon and the large short row shawl will finally be published. Hopefully in the coming weeks I will have more to talk about Tank’s potential brother, our Christmas card portrait session, Thanksgiving travels, and more knits.

Happy November! It’s officially cold.


7 thoughts on “Catch Up

  1. dear preita,
    i love your blog it is so nice to catch up on what is up with you guys.
    bored at work today but we leave for aiken tomorrow. time is dragging by
    love mom

  2. I need to come up there and get some of this so-called skin treatment. My face needs it! Looks like you’re already having some great adventures. I want that oil cart. SO COOL. I love antiques.

  3. Looks like you guys are having a great time! Love the oil cart, very cool! Can’t wait to hear the details on the potential new dog! We can’t wait to come and visit!
    Love you

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