Small Shawls Unite!

A few more projects came off the needles this week and once washed & blocked are ready to show.  The first is Clockwork by Stephen West. I knit it in Madeline Tosh Merino Light in colorways Ink & Citrus. I love the final result and it matches my jacket but it was a whole lot of boring garter stitch. I don’t do well with garter stitch (even on my best days). It took me 3 days to finally decide to finish the last row and bind off, that’s how bad I am with garter stitch. Though the result is lovely I won’t be doing any repeats.

(Hey! It's my barn door again!)

 It’s a nice scarf and it matches my coat, but it’s not my favorite knit ever.

One knit I am really quite happy with is this little shawl that I just designed.  (Pattern will be ready soon).

It’s a worsted weight shawl using approximately 440 yards and size 10 needles. (What’s not to like?) It’s easy, fast, and satisfying.

In non-knitting news I have found a new dog park and it’s AWESOME. It’s about 5 acres just south of my house and has the largest assortment of dogs. It’s a lovely place with hills, flat plains, trees, and good rolling grass (according to Tank). There is also a Great Dane meet up which I’ll be going to and the enviroment is just really nice.  This is a park for people who LOVE dogs.  If you live in the Vancouver Washington area and have dogs you need to visit (if you already haven’t) Ross Off Leash Park.   If you see me, don’t be shy, I’m the mom to this moose & we both are much friendlier than we look 🙂


2 thoughts on “Small Shawls Unite!

  1. We miss you at Anacapa! I LOVE this worsted weight shawl – can’t wait to have the pattern!!! We will all be knitting it a the store! Take care and it looks like Washington is fitting you like a glove! Donna

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