Finally Some Finished Knits

So I promised I’d have a more in depth post coming. I just needed to upload all the stinking photos that I’ve taken over the last few weeks and get my thoughts sorted.  Then I realized my thoughts are never sorted so here we go! Random as always but just as fun!

I designed this cowl and am writing down a free pattern for it. Totally easy in every way and I love the way it worked up in this transitioning Noro.

(why yes that is my super fabulous barn behind me! Why yes I DO love it!)

I have also finished my Plain & Simple Pullover.  It really is plain & simple except for the crazy “Only Preita would choose this color” Orange.

(notice my wet shoes? It was later that day I got some proper Washington worthy waterproof Keens & LOVE THEM)

I knit this out of Madeline Tosh Merino (the colorway is Tomato though I’ve never seen a tomato this color). Lovely yarn, lovely color, fun buttons. Moving on!

I finished my second Channel Islands shawl. I have managed to stump all my testers but one. I don’t know if it’s because my directions don’t make sense or what. The tester that has gotten far was the only one from my knitting group, a fellow Minnesotan and able to see my shawl in progress. I’m not sure which of these had the desired effect but she is the one who understood it the most. Hopefully after getting some of her notes I’ll be able to make a better written pattern that is understandable across all languages.

It’s a fun and easy pattern once you understand it but I don’t want to release it and still have remaining issues with how to proceed after the set up (which is something people seem to be having the same trouble with). After it’s perfect I’ll release it to you all.

The other day Tank dug this 2″ hole and pulled out a vole. we have always laughed about his good nose but now I’m seriously impressed.

This is the view from my new favorite place to knit (my patio). It’s covered so I can knit in rain or shine and has a nice view of the back of our property.

This is my barn that I’m completely in love with!

This is the Yarn I bought at Twisted in Portland (Yes it’s LOCAL!)

This is what I’m working on right now (totally weird how I ran into the designer at Twisted!)

There is a Llama/Alpaca Ranch down the road (of course).

This is when I finally made it to Twisted in Portland after getting totally lost and seeing cops handcuff lots of people at the train/ bus station. I’m much happier than I look but I think I was trying not to look like a freak on the street taking pictures of myself.

(This store is like Anacapa Fine Yarns in Ventura + Loop & Leaf in Santa Barbara + Wild Fibers in Santa Monica. It was THAT great).

This is the Mr and his buddies golfing in the rain.

This is when Bishop found a Coors Ball and did a happy dance back to the cart.

And this is the random spectator we saw all over the course.


6 thoughts on “Finally Some Finished Knits

  1. Gorgeous!! we really do need to figure out how to get up there for a visit. Too bad there seems to be a burmuda triangle of high plane ticket prices from here to there. (I will figure this out)

    (ps. can Amelia and I live in your barn?)

  2. Love the shawl. Love love the Plain and Simple in Tomato. Love love love the house (seriously, like I want to move in). And I have a feeling that if that guy ever faced the camera, I would love x 4 the crazy awesome argyle golf sweater he’s wearing.

  3. so what are “keens” and was that spectator some kind of woodchuck or what?????
    love the pictures and your blog it keeps me in touch.
    love mom

  4. You’re moved in. Yay. What a great looking place you have. I think your surroundings will suit you and the Mr. much better. Really. Was there any doubt? Very nice barn door.

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