Catching Up: The Long Version

I’m here in Washington (Ridgefield to be precise) and I love it. I adore it. And I might become a polygamist to mary it too.  The trip up here from California was relatively easy. It was two 8 hour days which isn’t bad considering it took us multiple 14 hour days to get to Ohio & back.  No, this was easy and fast.  There was only one small road we took from the 101N to the 5 that scared the crap out of me. Picture a small winding 2 lane road with small shoulders and narrow lanes. Then picture yourself driving behind your husband who is pulling a u-haul and that you are watching as the sand on the shoulder grabs the trailer wheel and yanks the whole  suburban & u-haul to the right, then you watch as your husband corrects, over corrects, and finally gets it back on the road.  I didn’t want to call him to distract him, but I spent about 20 minutes yelling at him through my windshield to hug the middle yellow line.

That honestly was about the biggest drama we had.  The cats road with me & Tank rode with the Mr. All animals could have cared less about being on the road for all of them except Tank are true veterans of moving. I have 2 cats that have even moved on an airplane!

So yes, the house, it rocks. It beyond rocks. It’s so freaking awesome that you will have to drag me kicking, screaming, spitting, and wrapped up in a straite jacket to get me out of this place.  We are situated on 5 acres outside of Vancouver.  There are 4 fenced paddocks for animals and 1 barn. (OMG I HAVE A BARN!!!!) We have 2 garages, one a 2 car attached, the other a 4 car unattached that will be the Mr’s work shop.

There are lots of trees, flowers, and birds.  Tank is running around like a maniac.

My god there are so many awesome things to talk about I don’t even know where to begin outside of the house so we are just going to number them old school style and I’ll talk more about them later.

1. It’s GREEN
2. There is SWEATER weather
3. There is a fast food place that is all local & sustainable and it’s not hippy and it IS delish
4. Hello world of yarn shops, party of one, I think I’m in heaven
5.Washington has no income tax
6. Oregon has no sales tax
7. I have an ikea with in 20 minutes of me
8. The people up here are SO NICE it’s a little freaky
9. There are lots of restaurants and not ALL of them are mexican!
10. I don’t feel like I’m 10″ tall here or 500lbs since people are NORMAL sized up here!
11. You have reasons to wear cute shoes & socks, not just sandels
. Hats are a reasonable accessory when your hair sucks
13. There is a church & a library in the MALL!
14. People don’t look at you like a freak when you knit in public
15. The grocery stores are fab!

ok I think 15 random reasons why I’m appy to be up here is enough right now. I have knitting to blog about, patterns to publish, pictures to show, and a house that needs to finish being unpacked.  In the mean time here are some random pictures for you~
Tank dug a 2 foot deep hole and pulled out a vole. I was seriously proud.

This is my barn!


4 thoughts on “Catching Up: The Long Version

  1. I want to move there tooooo!
    I love the photo of Tank digging this big hole! I’ll never say anything to Denny again, for digging all those small holes!
    I’m glad you are so happy there!

  2. Ack, it’s gorgeous!!!!

    I love Washington for ALL the reasons you mentioned. Mostly because it’s GREEN. Oh, and the mountain views. On good days, when we’re driving around up here on our little hill, we can see both the Cascades and the Olympics. Sigh.

  3. I can’t wait til I get up there again. How far are you from Seattle? My best friend from high school lives in Seattle. I got to visit her about a year ago, and hopefully I’ll get to go that way again before too many more years pass.

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