Goodale…Finally Finished

I absolutely love this sweater. I love the pockets, the color, and the weight. It’s going to be my most favorite sweater ever I think. 

I had some gage issues to start with but once I figured that out everything fell into place. I added long sleeves and added length to the body of the sweater to make it something more appropriate for my figure.

The i-cord edging is pretty brilliant in my mind.  There was some finishing work I think could have been explained a little more, like how to sew the bottoms of the pockets (I stitched the inner loops of the stitches to each other) and I think that the pocket-size for the larger busts didn’t make as much sense for me.  Mine is much larger and I think in better proportion than the pattern stated.

In other news I am working on finishing up a pattern for this shawl I’ve named Channel Islands. I am looking for test knitters but will say that testers must need to be able to understand short rows and be able to clearly state any pattern problems.

If you are interested please email me at pmsalyer at yahoo dot com and label the subject as “Channel Islands Testing”.



3 thoughts on “Goodale…Finally Finished

  1. I tried to e- you about test knitting your latest shawl but it bounced back. If you need another knitter, I would love to help you get this out there! I was really impressed with it uniqueness and the symbolism.

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