Today I did something I have been dreaming about for the last 2 months.  I put in my 2 week notice at work today.  I was all ready for it to be dramatic and have to explain my reasons and why and what not.  The reality was not as I envisioned.  My manager (who I think really actually hates me and thinks I’m stupid and has really singled me out for some serious wrath) called in sick.  Who then to tell that I’m quitting?  The VP of operations?  Good plan but he’s on vacation in Hawaii till next Thursday.  The Owner?  The CFO?  I ended up giving my notice to the very understanding (and honestly a little jealous Accounting Supervisor/ HR handler). 

It was very anti-climatic though still very satisfying.  I can’t wait to be done for reasons I won’t post.  Lets just say that I am on way more mood stabilizers than I should be because of work.

So what will I do once I’m done with work?  I will be PACKING PACKING PACKING!!!  Yes, the Salyer’s are on the move again.  Once more in to the breach dear friend.  We are hopping states.  The Mr and I are going to Vancouver Washington (well, the Mr is already there working but I am still here in California). 

I hope also that in between packing I will be able to finish some knitting projects work on some designs that have been rolling around in my head begging to be wonders of knitting handiwork & spend time with my pup.

I have had serious knitting ADD this summer (I can’t believe it’s 1/2 way through July already because it surely doesn’t feel like it.  Maybe because no one was here for my birthday which always marks my mid-way point of the summer?)  I have started and have almost finished the uber cute Goodale by the fabulous and prolific Cecily Glowik MacDonald who I have a serious knit crush on.

I have a few knits that I need to get finished up because they are making me feel so guilty about how long they have languished with out completion.  I have never been this kind of knitter before.  I always used to finish a project before I moved on, lately I want to cast on 4 different things every night.

So life is moving along, different than what I expected but still just as fabulous.  The most exciting thing is that the Mr and I are moving to handknit heaven! I can’t wait!  The only thing that one of  us is going to have to adjust to is the rain.  Tank is not a fan of water and I think he’ll be sadder than sad to discover it falls freely from the sky.


11 thoughts on “I QUIT! And It ROCKS!

  1. Yay! Also I would like to point out that Vancouver, WA is much closer to Juneau, AK. Just sayin. Hopefully Tank will learn to love the rain because he would look really ridiculous in a raincoat!

  2. good for you darling daughter, i am glad you enjoyed every moment of quiting. the next two weeks can only be more fun because you dont have to pretend to give a shit, which will be very freeing to say the least. call me when you have time love mom
    i try and check your blog daily so that is almost as good
    love mom

  3. how exciting! I was also very happy to put in my notice, as well. It’s very freeing. I had the same experience. Not much fanfare and all that, but oh well. whatever.

    I’m not very far from Vancouver either so when you get settled maybe we can go on a Portland yarn crawl or something (if you want). I have yet to venture out to yarn stores in Portland, myself.

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