The Blogger Is Back

In an effort to get back on the blogwagon I’ve been taking more pictures. I realize that I only blog if I have matching pictures.  How odd is that?  Anyway, I had a fab weekend (well, mostly fab because there was a lot of cleaning going on).  I went Sunday to the Ventura Street Fair with my friend Terry and found the most amazing earrings ever.  They are so awesome that I actually went back and bought the matching pendant because I knew I would regret it if I didn’t. 

Catlin Blair Designs. LOVE

 They are river stones with rivets through the middle. I LOVE them!!!  On the second trip out I realized something, there is no way to just cruise through a crowd with Tank in tow.  I brought him because we were heading to the dog park afterwards and hate leaving him in the car, so off we went down the sidewalk.  Now Tank is a very well behaved boy and pretty darn calm for a 1 year old.  But people! OMG the PEOPLE!  1. if this is not your dog, do not touch.  You don’t know him, you don’t know if he’s friendly (he is) but how would you feel if I reached out and smacked your butt? 2.  he is a dog, not a horse and he doesn’t need a saddle.  3. if you are in the way, chances are you will get slimed, I don’t see this as my fault, but collateral damage. It washes off, you’ll live. 


Since it is summer after all, I am totally struck with knitting ADD.  That means that it’s time to read.  I found this book and I haven’t made my mind up yet because I’m not far enough into it.   


I have finished an infinity scarf. I love it, it’s soft, lacy, lofty, and wrapable. 🙂 

Pattern coming shortly for free.
Coming up shortly I will show you all pictures of roving & yarn made from my very own sheep. Crazy right? But also incredibly awesome. 🙂 I also have a shawl in the works that I finally think I’ve gotten charted out well enough to start (yet again), a hat design that is completed, and a few other bits and pieces.  Stay tuned, the blogger is back 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Blogger Is Back

  1. Isn’t Catlin’s stuff GREAT!!?!! You should see the piece hanging on her wall that has a knit & felted grommet in it. Very cool! She and her husband live in the WAV. LOVE her rocks!

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