Scarves & A Free Pattern

I have been knitting like mad lately and all I can focus on are scarves. Weird huh?  First up, I have a new pattern available. It’s an infinity scarf that’s light as air and perfectly warm.  Perfect for that one skein of special yarn you have laying around.  

Post Modern Infinity Scarf


Post Modern is free and available in any weight or gage of yarn.  

I have also fished the Echo Flower shawl in a lovely orange worsted weight yarn.  


Last weekend Sandy, Becky and I headed to Santa Barbara to visit Loop & Leaf. A beautiful shop in a shady quiet neighborhood with in walking distance of State Street.  They have an amazing selection of Madeline Tosh yarns.  The colors and amazing textures made me want them all!  

Becky & Sand @ Loop & Leaf


I managed to restrain myself and only buy a few things.   


Tosh Sock, Worsted, & Pima (in my favorite green ever) and some purple, grey, black kuani.  I’m thinking at least 2 shawls are in my future.  

I have also broken out the spinning wheel lately (since the Mr has been out of town).  These are next up.  

Thylacine Shetland


I love that these are grey based dyes because they are more heathered and not so BLINDING.  I think overdying grey is pretty brilliant & unique.  I’ll be watching  The Thylacine for more updates.  

Thylacine Shetland


I experimented a little bit and created a bulky 3 ply but now I don’t know what to do with it.  What does a person do with 60 yards of bulky weight yarn?  


Close up  


Things are going well at home too, a little bit lonely with out the Mr around but he’s coming home this weekend and I can’t wait.  


Tank has amazed me by burying his bones and treats in the back yard.   I’ve never seen a dog finish the process from digging the hole, placing the bone, and covering it up.  Not only does he bury but he remembers where he puts it (which is one up on me for sure.)  




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