A whole month has gone by with out blogging and I’m totally ashamed. I used to be an every other day blogger, but honestly, I blame it on Tank.  I spend more time with him than doing anything else so I don’t have much computer time anymore.  Here is a quick rundown of what I’ve been up to so I can get caught back up in the blogworld 🙂

My friend’s ranch had shearing.  It was easier than I thought because they have fewer animals and are a well oiled machine!

Alpacas are not the best customers when getting shorn, they tend to scream quite a bit.

The alpaca’s are done laying down and the llamas are done standing up because they are such larger creatures.

I seem to have developed a serious case of knitting ADD because I can’t seem to focus on one project at all.

Alpaca elbow length gloves

I’ve also been working on another circle sweater for my friend Carol.  This is alpaca from her own animals and it’s so beauitful!  After I’m done with this sweater I will be publishing a recipie for this sweater for free because it’s a wonderful usable sweater that’s so darn beautiful.

(Tank is a fabulous model)

Tank is doing super well, he’s so fanatastic that I feel so blessed to have been able to adopt him. He’s such a sweet loving animal that I can’t picture our lives with out him.

Tank Toes!

In other exciting news it’s been lambing season which means we have two new additions to “Two Sheep Farm”. 🙂 A little ram and a little ewe (both nameless) were born to Muusta.  Oreo stayed true to her prudish self and proved that she never let Hawk the ram near her. Oh well.

These are not my lambs because my lambs were camera shy


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