A blast from the past…I thought this was Posted!

Well another few weeks have gone by and I have something (or many things) to show for it.  First of all the in-laws (SIL, BIL, & niece) just left after a week of visiting.  We all went up to June Lake, CA for a week of fishing, and mountaineering and it was FABULOUS!

The niece caught her very first fish ever and we saw a crazy ice sheet go all glacial across the lake!

I’ll tell you that Grandpa was seriously proud of his 3 year old grandaughter catching her first cut-throat trout.


Here’s a link to the video of the lake glacier!

Fishing was the main event this trip.  The Mr & the FIL went out every single day and the BIL was right in there with them.

I can tell you that I probably wouldn’t be able to do this with my family but with the Mr’s it’s pretty easy.  (not to say we don’t squabble, but it’s never mean).

I’ve also finished some seriously knitting.  It’s sock season so here they come!

Hand spun, Hand dyed, Hand knit socks!

These are the very first socks that I have knit from my handspun yarn! I dyed it with kool aid too!

I also finished my first major crochet project!

Sunshine Afghan

I crocheted this for the niece but honestly, she wanted absolutely nothing to do with it.  It cracked me up because you can’t be upset by a 3 year old not caring that you spent 30 hours crocheting a damn afghan for them.  🙂 Her mom liked it and honestly, that’s all that matters.

I’ve also knit these socks.  The pattern is Kalajoki and they were beautifully perfect to knit! I love everything about them.

I finished another pair of socks from Cookie A.’s book Sock Innovation.  This time it was Devon and I LOVE them!  They were easy to knit (much easier than they look), even though I made my fair share of mistakes.

Next up is something entirely different. 

An ANTEATER! Did you know that there is no pattern out there yet for a knit anteater?  Well, I may just about fix that soon.

This little guy is a prototype and I plan on doing another.

We also had our first harvest from the garden.  Radishes!!!

Finally, what would a post be with out a random picture of the Tankers?  (Re-Named “Tank-er-Bell” by the niece).


5 thoughts on “

  1. Ooh, lots of gorgeous work! Love the socks. Can’t wait until I get to sock knitting (someday). The afghan’s gorgeous, too.

  2. she uses it now lol, wraps herself in it and goes to sleep in the big chair in her room. We find her like that some mornings, I’ll have to get a pic for you.

    I love those blue socks….

    I miss you.

  3. preita i love you blog and i really love your photos. it is so great almost as good as talking to you. i do check after work when we get home to see if you posted and it is a treat when you do. ps i threw out loads of stuff today and donated lots too. it is all in the preparation.
    love mom

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