There has been a whole lot of knitting over here a che poopers but not a lot of finishing.  I think it’s due to project ADD because I want to start a dozen things but finish nothing.

Socks designed for my friend Jim

I decided to knit these socks for my friend Jim because it was over socks that we first became friends and I thought he’d appreciate these great colors and handspun quality of the yarn.

Creature Comforts

I’m also working steadily on my Creature Comforts cardi. I love this sweater but I hate knitting it. I HATE it. For anyone curious this is a 31 inch rectangle with pockets.  If you are a larger gal like me it’s a LOT of knitting with out much interest.  The oak leaves add some distraction but honestly, not enough.


I have also been harvesting and juicing oranges from the back yard.  One random weird secret about me is that I love orange but I hate eating them.  My best friend Shawna will attest that it takes me about an hour to eat an orange because I must pick off all the pith before consuming.  It’s just not worth the effort for me.  So I juice and freeze the spoils so that I do not waste the oranges.  Then I can use the juice for baking & cooking as I choose.

The Mr and I went to a book signing tonight.  Frankly it was the first for me and though it won’t be the last I totally wasn’t prepared.  I told the Mr this “It’s Brandon Sanderson, you know, he wrote the Mystborn series” Little did I know that he had also written the last Wheel Of Time book after Robert Jordan passed.  I’m not a Wheel Of Time fan so I honestly wouldn’t have put 2 & 2 together. 


And I got a little something for me…

I will be burning through this and adding a review on this site.  Of course it’s Tad so I’m biased but this series is deeper than his others I think.


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