Moving Right Along

I’ve been knitting more & more.  The thing that I’ve finally been working full time on is the huge wrap sweater copy that I fell in love with at Carols.  But with a price tag at over $200 I thanked the gods that I was a knitter.

I will most likely be making this sweater a free pattern though it will only be available in 1 size most likely.  It’s meant to be slouchy though so maybe people will dig it. This sweater is light as air and so silky soft I can’t wait to snuggle in it. 

Tank is doing really well.  He’s learning some new tricks such as “Speak” using sign language (a trick that my husband’s family taught their golden retriever and I kind of dig) to “Paw” and almost a full “Roll Over”.  I’ve never had a dog that did tricks.  Bulldogs are not known to suffer patiently but Tank seems to really enjoy the challenge and learning.  You can see his mind working as he tries to figure out what you want.

I feel like I’m finally coming out of hibernation.  I’ve never really given myself a break from life or people before.  I feel a little guilty about it but I just don’t have the energy for a lot of extra stuff.  Frankly I usually just get so wound up in the lives around me that I’ve never had a chance just to pull back and exhale.  Thankfully the Mr is really super supportive and ready to keep the world at bay if that’s what I need.

The Mr has made me some amazing ebony buttons for this coat and I can’t wait to get them put in place.

I’ve also started a new shawl which I really love.  I can’t figure out what edging to go but I’m thinking a bobble edge.





One thought on “Moving Right Along

  1. That coat looks awesome, did you make it?! I want to see more pics! Also. I could stand more pics of Tank, he is so cute! I suppose it’s not really fair of me to demand pictures from you when my blog is sadly photo-less but I think (hope!) you will understand.

    I’m so glad you found such a great dog, I knew you would be an excellent Dog-Mom.

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