Brief Update

We spent the weekend at the ranch with Tom & Mette.  I was hoping that Tank would do well with the other dogs and the animals and it was better than I had hoped.  He fit right in with the pack and played until he fell over exhuasted at the end o fhte day.

He’s such a fabulous boy with a loving heart and a gentle soul. I love him so darn much!

I’ve also been knitting quite a bit.  Here’s a little preview…

I’m still crocheting too just little projects though,


4 thoughts on “Brief Update

  1. Do I see the beginnings of red Tank slippers ???
    You know he wants them. Can’t you just hear him sigh ~ after a hard day of socializing and just being so darned cute, he hits the couch with his numnum. What’s missing from this idylic picture? SLIPPERS of course!! 😎

    of course you know I’m just kidding. he has what he needs……

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