I’ve been busy…

As a newly formed slave to the crochet I’ve been really busy.  I like it because it’s fast and since I’ve picked small projects it’s really flown by.

These little buggers just need to be starched and hooks to hang on the tree.

And the crochet doesn’t stop there…

I have been knitting the bubble pull over from knitting from nature and while it’s coming along really well it looks like a complete mess.  I’ve almost finished a set of mittens too.

Also I’ve finished my spiral yoked pull over but I’m not really sure how I feel about it.

I wish it was shorter and I tried to make it shorter but it didn’t work out like I planned because it’s still pretty long.

Other than that life is going pretty well. As I’m typing the Mr is putting out the christmas lights and tomorrow I’m having coffee with a pretty cool chick from work.  So yeah & stuff.  More knitting to come and maybe even some writing.  I feel like I’m really getting somewhere with Mildred, well, 300,000 words and still no end in sight.  even if I never get to the publishing stage I’ve freaking written a story that I am pretty proud of and would really want to read.

Stay tuned, more projects and patterns to come 😉

(And omg side note, this is the first time I’ve ever hit the spell check to find that there are absolutely no errors!)


3 thoughts on “I’ve been busy…

  1. Yay for knitting! I love your big sweater, it looks really cozy. What yarn did you use for it? I have wanted to try that pattern since the book first came out but for some reason I haven’t gotten to it. I really like it in that nice brown. Maybe it’s time I re-evaluated.

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