Sorry for the radio silence but the last two weeks hurt.  Today was the first day that I felt normal the whole way through the day.  So I’m hoping that means that I’ve turned a corner.  In other news the Mr and I went to the Santa Barbara Zoo with our friends Tom & Mette.  Meaning I took some pictures.

I thought this little bleeding heart dove was beautiful.

I love birds even common ones because of the light play. Black is not black but blue and violet.

I’ve also been spinning some gotland which I have to say is turning out to be one of my favorite spins so far. 

It’s a hairy yarn like lopi but oddly silky feeling. 

I’ve been knitting lately and have come up with a new design that I am going to be publishing soon.  My first triangle shawl with out being so lacy. I really like it and it’s the perfect size for one skein of sock yarn 🙂   This weekend the Mr and I will be selling his niddy noddies and Ranch Of The Oaks wares at the Ventura Spinners & Weavers Guild open house.  If you are interested please stop by and I will be better about updating this blog with some knitting and spinning content by the end of the weekend.



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