Update with Knitting & SHEEPS

Whew, seriously has it been a week already? I can’t believe it’s friday.  It’s odd because my day at work burns by at light speed which is awesome and unexpected.  I was pulled in to the big bosses office again. This makes it 4 times in 3 weeks (if not the 5th time) to ask me what I think about processes and what’s happening in the department.  It’s weird and humbling because though I have the most experience in the entire department I don’t know that I’m ready to offer an opinion on what people have been doing for the last three years. 

I won’t bore you though because I fully admit that bankcard is only interesting to people who are in bankcard.  I could wax on about PCI compliance or dues & assessments or truncation but I won’t because that’s not why you come here. 

These days though I’ve been pretty boring & I apologize for that.  Good news for you faithful readers is that I am going to the ranch this weekend for National Alpaca Day (NAD HA!).  Yeah, equally as dorky as comic con or Star Trek I take comfort in the fact that I am still not as dorky as the furries.  (I apologize to all furries I have just offended and I’m sure your not all freaks like those popularized on the internet because I’m a knitter and that doesn’t mean I knit weird creepy toilette paper cozies).

For people who come to Mr Poopers for the pictures here ya go.

Handturned niddy noddie out of yellowheart wood.

Handturned niddy noddie out of yellowheart wood.

I found out yesterday through the Mr’s searching (did I know he read my blog? No I did not so I guess I better stop telling stories about him- yeah right) that there is actually ANOTHER Mr. Poopers out there. :/  Though we share a similar blog name I have to claim that I am the original Mr. Poopers and I will not talk about actual poop (unless it’s animal poop and then I might because it’s funny).  Why “Mr” Poopers? Why not? Enough of your questions! Moving along!

Back to more relevent subjects above is a handturned niddy noddy done out of Yellow Heart which I have mistakenly (and quite randomly) been calling lemon wood. Well, either works if you ask me but the Mr insists I correct myself so I will *sigh*.  It’s YELLOW HEART. And it’s for sale.  If you are in California and come to Ranch Of The Oaks this weekend you can buy it.  If it’s stillhere at the end of the weekend it will be for sale on monday I will post it on the blog and you can buy it through etsy.

Random alert!  the Mr hauling a sheep!

More randomness!

And for those of you that come here for the knitting stuff here ya go…

Liesel Handspun Scarf

Liesel Handspun Scarf

I spun this yarnto make this scarf! Crazypants!  Pattern is Liesel & it was fast, fun and totally worth it. Free, easy, & pretty can you ask for more?

Expect tons of pictures from the weekend, not only is it the ranch where we do all sorts of weird, fascinating, fun, and drunken things, but it’s national alpaca day and Carrie is coming & so is Jim & Kathy (though sadly no Jim & Carol which still makes me pout) and other crazy other people who do weird things like help alpacas have sex 🙂

I also just remembered that sunday is the 6 year anniversary of our wedding.  6 years since the Mr and I had an 8 minute ceremony that was honestly the best decision of my life.  If you’ve been here long you know how I feel about the Mr.  I love him more than I could ever express.  He’s the flame of my heart and the fuel for my soul, he’s my best friend and my biggest fan. 

Also I’ve pumped out another 15,000 words which brings me to a ridiculous amount of words and pages and characters and plot lines.  It also means that Mildred has moved on to the third person reading the rough draft and the second part of the “book” is being circulated as I type.  So we will see because the second half is when I get going and um…get bloody 😉

So yeah & stuff with things.  I have to say that facebook is the weirdest invention ever. Two people in the last 2 days who I thought were gone from my life forever have surfaced.  It’s pretty damn neat actually.  How do you sum up 6 years of life? Is it bad manners to say, “Um, read my blog”?


5 thoughts on “Update with Knitting & SHEEPS

  1. You crazy woman… Thanks for the paca sex photo.. NOT!!!! LOL
    Cant wait to have some more fun with the 2 of you.. Yes we are crazy here and Ya might be a Redneck if you move sheep like we do!!!!!

    Congrats to the 2 of you!!! Great scarf…

    Laughing all the way……

  2. I am pouting also. We will miss ALL of you this weekend…and the pastries you brought for breakfast! YUMMO fresh bakery goods from Solvang! I am ready to jump in the car…but would only find them all eaten by the time we got there. Love you guys…miss you…sniff sniff…

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