FO Report

Ok, so I’m kind of backlogged with my knitting FO posts.  Instead of spacing them out I’m popping them all into one post in hopes that I will be caught up from here on out.  Being that I have a new job and am getting used to a new schedule I doubt that will happen though :/  In reverse order!


Crocheted Fingerless Mitts

Crocheted Fingerless Mitts

I crocheted again! I made up some fingerless mitts out of my left over Manos wool this weekend.  I really really love the effect so now I have to figure out what I did.  I doubt I will write a pattern because anyone who can crochet could figure this out in a heart beat.  (I obviously didn’t take this picture or else I wouldn’t have included the cooler & the phone book in it *sigh*)

Non-Noro Hat

Non-Noro Hat

Pattern: Noro Hat
I used the pattern as a baseline and copied nothing but the knit purl ridges. I love how slouchy this hat is.  Oddly enough the Mr has tried to claim this more than once this weekend.

In case you didn’t think that fingerless mitts and a hat was enough projects to bang out in one weekend I also completed a pair of hats.

Jim & Mette model the alpaca stranded hats I made up

Jim & Mette model the alpaca stranded hats I made up

Honestly I had no intention of knitting these hats this weekend but I screwed up on a sock pattern (again!) and had to rip back 10 rows. Instead of doing that I grabbed alpaca scraps from Mette (The brown is from her alpacas & the black is from Jim’s alpacas) I worked up some easy contrasting hats.  They turned out so darn cute in the end too that I think I might make some more for sale at National Alpaca Farm Day (I will write more about this in length so none of you are left out of the fun).

And last but not least my crocheted noro blanket (and a picture of how bad my hair needs to be dyed!)

I used about 15 balls of noro kureyon on this project that I had picked up from ebay two years ago for 1/4 the retail price.  I love the colors, love how it turned out and it looks fab on my couch.  Triple score.  Also I used STASH yarn! 🙂 This is a pattern of my own devising.  It’s just two large granny squares separated by a line of smaller granny squares and then edged with the remaining yarn so almost every scrap was used.



3 thoughts on “FO Report

  1. I like it all! The color of the Noro hat and the wrist warmers are fabulous! Oh and I got two books by Patricia Briggs, the Mercy Thompson novels – finally! Took them long enough. I’m still waiting for another one, but now I’ve some reading to do. :o)

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