The Lightening Theif : Book Review

Percy Jackson is just a normal twelve year old boy.  Sure he’s got problems with school, bullies, and authority but at that age who doesn’t?  Getting kicked out of school after school does have a way of making one think he’s a screw up though.  One day though on a seemingly innocent visit to the beach with his mother Percy’s life changes forever.  Finding out his best friends is a satyr and being chased by the Minotaur into a camp for demi gods is only the beginning of Percy Jackson’s new life.  Here he makes friends withchildren of similar parentage and finally finds himself a place where he belongs.

Peace can only last for so long though once it is discovered which god has fathered Percy.  Monstrous attacks begin and Percy is sent on a quest to retrieve Zeus’s stolen master bolt (the lightening bolt from which all other bolts are made) and return it before the summer solstice to stop an all out war between the gods.  Along the way is more adventure than one boy can handle, danger at every turn, and new heights of treachery.

An absolutely fantastic tale marvelously woven by the author Rick Riordan.  As a book written for young adults I didn’t expect it to be as fun and engaging for an actual adult as it was.  Move over Harry Potter because Percy Jackson could kick your butt.  Smart mouthed, practical and fun Percy doesn’t go looking for trouble but he was born a hero, a combination of mortal and god parentage that he can not control.  In a world where hero’s are sent on quests all the time and spent their lives training Percy is a rare breath of fresh air. 

I often fear reading young adult books because the main characters can be whiny and immature (as their audience) which can get on the nerves of any adult.  Amazingly Percy seems to be mostly free of self pity and angst while still staying young and believable.

A fantastic book for sure that has me thanking the gods I bought the series.  Definitely worth the read!

I have also seen a movie trailer for this book that makes my mouth water!  It looks to be the next big thing. I hope that it lives up the expectations!


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