Hey Guess What?!

Whatd she say?!

"What'd she say?!"

I’m employed. Starting Monday and I think it’s going to be an awesome fit.  This is exactly what I needed, what my family needed. What we needed so we don’t have to move or pack. OR MOVE. 

It was a terrible couple of days but no worse than THIS TIME 2 YEARS AGO! (What the hell is with my family that we need tests every 2 years?)  2 years ago the company 1/2 my family worked for was sold and we were given 5 days to pack our house and get across the country (Ohio to California) and start work again.  I cried.  I think we all cried.  I still miss my house and my huge back yard and snow.

2 years before that the partners at the company we all (my family) worked for fought and we almost went under as they ripped each other apart.

I swore I’d never work with family again (not because I can’t or they drive me nuts because I LOVE working with family) but it’s so scary when you fail.  When you fail everyone fails.  It hurts too damn much.

So here I am on the other side of my 2 year trial.  My husband will be starting his in November along with my FIL and I know it will be ok.  It’s always ok because that is the only option.

Thank you all for dealing with my week of depressing posts. I’m normally a very optimistic (somewhat sickeningly so) person but my heart hurt pretty bad because my family was suffering.  Leave it to me though to fix that kind of suffering in a week.  I should have been in charge of turning the economy around. I probably could have finagled it in 4 weeks. 🙂 I’m THAT kind of problem solver.

Ok, enough of my babble. I wanted to thank you all for your kind comments though I didn’t reply.  I wanted to thank my MIL for being my second mom, my FIL for being made of magic, Mette & Tom, Jim & Carol who were ok with the prospect of us living in Yurts on their property, Shawna & Rebecca who let me cry on the phone and make no sense, my knittin’ kittens @ Anacapa Fine Yarns who surrounded me in a cushion of happy thoughts, my spinsters who all told me how they had gotten through it and for listening to me talk.  Thank you all.  I’ve never realized how blessed I am until the world starts to crumble.


6 thoughts on “Hey Guess What?!

  1. Hey Preita. I’m so happy about your new employment (please tell me all about it) and more that, I’m so happy you will not have to move from California (you won’t right?).

    I’m so sorry I have been out of the loop with your shortcomings. I had no idea you were in such turmoil (out with the flu and found a kitten this week, my life is crazy!). You know I will/would always lend you a shoulder to sob or slobber on!

    I heard from the kittens yesterday (btw you were so missed!). Hope to see you soon

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