A Case Of The Randoms

I was randomly asked the other day would I rather be deaf or blind.  I just stared blindly at the person dumbfounded until I was able to say “I think I’d rather loose all my limbs”.  I don’t know why they asked the question and I don’t know anyone that actually would rather be either.  If you are born with out being able to hear or see that is one thing, to know that I would loose either is pretty terrifying.  Actually, I am slowly going deaf but if you’ve been in a room with me you’ve probably already guessed that.  Here’s a hint, if you want me to pay attention to you sit on my right side if you are to the left I will just smile and nod because I’ll have no idea what you are actually saying.  Add more than one speaker in the mix and you will witness a rare moment when I actually shut my fool mouth.

Knit Picks Palette in mouth watering colors!

Knit Picks Palette in mouth watering colors!

That said the person then asked me if I’d rather be blind instead.  No.  I am an extremely visual person.  I spent my high school years divided between art (drawing mostly), orchestra, and math.  (yes, math). 

What does this have to do with anything? Absolutely nothing.  So, moving along the random train, *all aboard!* and we’ll come to the next stop. On your toes now, we’re moving along quite quickly.

Malabrigo Granny Squares

Malabrigo Granny Squares

I have been thinking about Christmas this year.  Odd I know for a Unitarian to think about Christmas in any depth but I have relatives who do the whole JC thing and I am a sucker for a Christmas tree. 

To keep what little bit of my sanity I am able to cling to by the skin of my teeth I have decided to only do one handmade item this year.  Only one person is getting a handmade present and I’ve just started it which means I have months to finish it.  Those of you in the know understand that I will happily crochet granny squares for another two or three weeks before I get bored and discard it for approximately 3 months only to remember it in the second week of December and weep as I stay up into the wee hours of the morning trying to finish it.

Handspun (by me) Alpaca Mini Skeins

Handspun (by me) Alpaca Mini Skeins

I have also been informed today that the Mr’s scheduled vacation is coming up in 3 weeks.  Since I haven’t been working I hadn’t given it a second thought.  Which means nothing is planned.  But! We are not people who will use 10 days at home (because that’s stupid frankly) so we are going with something that makes me a bit queasy in the stomach.  We are using the word “Adventure” a whole lot.  As I understand it we are going to pack the car with our light camping stuff (meaning more compact) and heading up the coast of California.  Up the 1 till whenever we stop.

We’ve done this drive before.  When the Mr and I first were married we were broke. Seriously broke.  Dollar store praying we had enough money in the bank to cover our bill broke.  Then one day he got a raise and we suddenly weren’t so broke and thought it a perfect time to take our belated honeymoon.  We borrowed his parents Navigator and headed up the 1 all the way to the Russian River Valley.  It was the most beautiful trip I’ve ever taken. 

I want to stay longer among the redwoods, go back to the drive through tree, see the tide pools again and stop once more at the Monterrey Bay Aquarium.

On the way there will have to be yarn shops (and private ranches?).  I have already made 1 side trip of Berkley to visit  A Verb For Keeping Warm. What I am now looking for is suggestions!  Also I’m going to need book suggestions.

Randomly moving along (Keep your arms and hands inside the vehicle at all times). A blast from the past.

1. I am naturally very blond. 2. I am wearing blue suede fringed chaps. 3. I am wearing topsiders. 4. I was just about the most unpopular kid in school. Odd how that doesn’t matter anymore.

Happy Friday!


3 thoughts on “A Case Of The Randoms

  1. Luv the mini paca skeins.. Cute horsey photo… Hmmmm vacation? What the heck is that.. LOL
    We will be taking a road trip in Sept as well. Going to Janesville to pic up a new ram and 2 more ewes… Just what we need.. More icelandics…

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