Knitting & Spinning…Finally

To say that I’ve had a knitting hiatus this summer is probably a massive understatement.  I’ve just been caught up in other things, things that are not conducive to knitting.  Unless that is you can find a way to knit while writing? While spinning? While reading ? (Yes I know some of you CAN knit and read but I can’t.)  So it must amaze you to find out that I have finished a plethora of objects in the last two weeks. A PLETHORA 😀

First up. The La La Shawl.  I knit this out of my own handspun  and couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.  I didn’t really block this just washed it and hung the shawl over the bathroom shower door to dry. (Yes I am wearing a sweater, it’s like 40* in the morning in Ventura.)

Yarn: My own merino hand spun
Needles: US 3’s
Verdict: Perfect. It’s the perfect size and weight for me to use as a wrap or scarf (I’ll probably use it as a scarf) and I love the color.

NEXT! The Lina Hat

Yarn: Brown Sheep Nature Spun Worsted Weight in Blueberry
Needles: Us 6
Verdict: I love making hats, what can I say? I love this hat.  I ‘ve wanted to make it for quite a long time but for some reason I didn’t.  I absolutely love the crown decreases, they are so smart and in pattern (a huge plus for me!) and the finished product is stretchy, smooshy and delish. You should knit this, seriously.

Moving right along, the Groovy Cable Hat(I’m not a fan of anything called groovy but this hat was ok)

Yarn: Malabrigo Merino in Sunset
Needles: Us 6 & 7
Mods: This hat wanted you to knit the whole thing on us 6’s in a worsted weight yarn. Ouch! Plus there were two sizes of hats offered. :/ I knew I didn’t want to do this so I cast on with a US 6 and knit in pattern for an inch then I switched to the US 7 and finished the hat. I’m really really glad I did.  I also twisted all the stitches for better definition.
Verdict: It’s ok.  I look good in the color but the hat leaves me uninspired.

And now just to screw with your head I crocheted a hot pad. Why? I have no idea.

I am here to mind f-ck you

I am here to mind f-ck you

 Just a granny square with a half double crocheted backing then crocheted together.

I also finished a spinning project.

Wensleydale dyed by Black Bunny Fibers. I split the roving lengthwise and spun each section in one long strip, then I Navajo plied into a bulky weight.  These are going to be mittens 🙂

It’s the most balanced and loose yarn I’ve ever spun which I think really allowes the wensleydales silkiness shine.  Plus, I love the colors which are like an acid trip (I’m guessing).


4 thoughts on “Knitting & Spinning…Finally

  1. Fantastic FO’s!!! IMO the twisted stitch looks much better than an average stitch. You’re definantly right that it made for much more clearly defined stitches. And the green and purple color combo in that handspun in the second to last picture are beautiful- and very reminiscent of that gorgeous plant in the bottom photo! Another mind fu-k or a simple coincidence? Either way- lovely!!!

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