Ostich, Sheep, Alpaca Oh My! (aka another weekend at the ranch)

I have to say that I was a little blown away by the response to my last post.  Who knew that writing about ostriches would be such a hit?  I suppose everyone loves a good crazy story about ostriches and the fools that try to wrangle them 🙂

Thank you all for stopping by!

Thank you all for stopping by!

This weekend the Mr and I were back up at the ranch.  It’s almost feeling like a second home to us now and it’s harder and harder to leave after each visit.  The weekend was particularly fun because of the excess people and the craziness that entails.  Jim and Carol were up this weekend and I really wish they just didn’t live so damn far away that’s how much I love these people.   The Mr has a really great time being around other men like him (which is important and not as easy to find as you would think).  Being part of a happily married couple means that you have very few couple friends.   Amazingly Jim, Carol, Mette, and Tom fit us perfectly.  I think that they’ve been hiding them all up on the central coast.

So anyways, back to the events (do da-do! *sings musically*).  Saturday morning we woke up and went to a fab little nursery at someone’s house in the canyon.  He used to own a huge nursery but now is “retired” and sells them out of his house.  The Mr got two amazingly succulents & a beautiful ficus (I think?).  They were all rediculously cheap which is the best kind I think!

Then we all went to the La Prisima Mission.  California is full of Missions, we have one in Ventura, there is one in Santa Barbara but this is by far one of the nicest ones I’ve seen and it’s almost fully intact I would say.

From left to right, Carol, Mette, & Jim.  The New bell ringers

From left to right, Carol, Mette, & Jim. The New bell ringers

It was a special event this weekend (though I’m not sure what exactly it was called) where the volunteers all dressed up in period style dress. It was pretty cool.

This guy was hilarious because he cornered us to tell the Mr and I all about how haunted this mission is.  I guess it ranks #4 in California as the most haunted? (Is there an actual data base for this kind of thing?)  I have to say he was very interesting and it’s neat that the Travel Channel was juts here doing a piece on the mission. I hope they caught some ghosts because I certainly DID NOT. :/

No orthopedic matresses here!

No orthopedic matresses here!

The buildings were in great shape and this church was especially impressive though I will admit that when the volunteer tried to avoid a little backstory about some of the artifacts by asking “how many people here were raised catholic?” he did get a lot of blank faces.  Not  a lot of that going on in my group of friends lol.

There was a neato bell wheel. I guess these catholics liked bells?

The thing next to it was a clapper of sorts.  Basically its function was at the end of the service to make a WHOLE LOT OF NOISE to wake people up. :/ I think if you need a machine in church to wake people up you weren’t doing something right.  Just sayin’.  It was really pretty though.

New talents were explored.

Jim learns the basics of spinning.

Jim learns the basics of spinning.

It was a great day at the mission and afterwards the boys were a little loopy and ready for a cocktail.

Lots of meat was cooked, stories shared, laughs echoing and good times were had.

It’s a little funny that a year ago we didn’t even know any of these people.  A year ago I didn’t know I would be hanging out with sheep & goats & alpacas & llamas. I’m still amazed. (Yes I do need to dye my hair, please don’t focus too harshly on my blond roots!)

I have two finished knits to share with you so stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “Ostich, Sheep, Alpaca Oh My! (aka another weekend at the ranch)

  1. Great pics Prieta, loved being with you, Matt, Mette, and Tom, this weekend. Love laughing and playing. I don’t think I will ever get the pic in my head of Matt picking Jim up out…ever.

  2. Ha! I love that pic of the sheep at the end!!! It sounds like you are having a blast at the ranch, keep it up! I love seeing the pictures and hearing the stories.

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