Friday Fair Goodness (With Sheep!)

Friday I went to the Ventura County Fair for the modified sheep to shawl.  I was under the impression that this was a competition but I guess I was mistaken.  God knows I love a good competition because I suffer from the “Bigger, Better, Faster Syndrome” (and no matter what I want to be #1) but no one was competing so it was fine.  I got to hang out with fellow spinners and see mass amounts of sheep.

They are most likely laughing at something totally inappropriate.

They are most likely laughing at something totally inappropriate.

I had a great time. I’m still getting over being incredibly sick but it was the first day I felt OK to be out in public.  Summer colds are officially the worst thing ever!

Sweetest Face EVER

Sweetest Face EVER

The Mr is officially the pied piper of sheep. They adore him.  They all ran to the front of their pens to meet him which wasn’t happening with the rest of the people going down the lines.  They all looked at him with big sheepy eyes full of love and requested scratches.

Look at those adoring eyes! That smile!

Look at those adoring eyes! That smile!

Could a sheep look anymore adoringly at a person? I doubt it!  He even looks like he’s smiling!  This is the effect that the Mr had on the sheep.  And I do know that these sheep are dragged around to fair after fair and used to people touching them but it was a little more than that.

Another thing I couldn’t get over was how BIG they are!  I’m so used to Mette & Tom’s little icelandic sheep that I couldn’t believe there were sheep the size of small horses!  I still want to take one & put it in the back yard.  I think if the neighbor can have a herd of Yorkshire Terriers running wild I should be able to have  a sheep.

Still in the animal subject but a slightly different species I found this beetle on my sidewalk thursday.  It was awesome and  beautiful but I can’t figure out what kind of beetle it is!  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Please ID this awesome Beetle!

Please ID this awesome Beetle!

EDIT TO ADD! Bea found my beetle for me! It’s a Figeater Beetle.  Thanks Bea!

And finally the Mr & I have finished spinning some yarns.

Bulky Weight Alpaca Spun By The Mr.

Bulky Weight Alpaca Spun By The Mr.


Cotswold Spun By Me.

Cotswold Spun By Me.

I found an old gift card the other day that was still good so I went strait to Amazon and purchased a butt load of books including Joe Abercrombie’s newest book Best Served Cold.  I can’t wait to read it and am hoping that it’s as fabulous as The First Law series.  Expect a review as soon as I finish it 😉


4 thoughts on “Friday Fair Goodness (With Sheep!)

  1. Those Ladies have the perfect haircut for hot weather! Love the sheep photos. Your Mr. is spinning too? How did you like Cotswold fiber? I find it very scratchy, but I love the natural grey color.

  2. Aww, sheep! I love ’em 🙂 I used to help around at my uncles farm as a kid and he had sheep. They’re kind animals… although I guess stupid would be another way of putting it 😀 The yarns you have spun make me want to learn the craft too.

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