Mildred: Because You Have Been Asking

There’s been a lot of people asking about the Chronicles Of Mildred tab on my blog, a tab that I have left pretty much to rot since I put it up.  It is the very first paragraphs I wrote about Mildred.  Something that started out as roughly 200 words has now morphed into a beast.  Now a whooping 245,749 words I might be circling the end.  Though I use the word ‘might’ because I don’t have a whole lot of control over this story.  Try as I might the characters seem intent on doing whatever they want.  When I try to push them in one direction they go in the other, usually with quite good results.  So I haven’t pushed, I’ve let it grow and expand. 

That said I haven’t been updating Mildred on my blog.  One reason is that it just got too big too fast.  I can’t see putting that all up here.  Second, I’m still quite embarrassed about the whole thing.  It’s very Minnesotan to not toot ones own horn. 

But with all the emails, from friends & what not I decided to put a few more paragraphs up.  Maybe I will do this until I have the whole first chapter up, maybe I won’t.  Till then you can find some more reading here.

And in case you are wondering about how I write and what my process is, well I have a muse of sort.

He still tries to type but I have to let him know what he’s a much better listener.

OMFG THEN what happens?!!

"OMFG THEN what happens?!!"


3 thoughts on “Mildred: Because You Have Been Asking

  1. Yay for Mildred! I can’t believe you’re over the 200,000 mark already. Sounds like a good career future. Author, artist, knitter. 😉 Cheese shop owner lol. Hope you have a good day.

  2. Awww!

    Your muse is adorable (it’s all in his eyes) 🙂

    I think I need to come over and be inspired or borrow him if it’s okay?

    I’m in awe of your writing prowess – a river flowing full – full of 245,749 words 🙂


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