Corispondence From A Teapot

Dear Preita,
It seems that you have been ill recently, I hope it is nothing too seriously and you recover quite quickly.  While you have been ill I have noticed that you have been drinking an abnormally large quantity of tea.  I congratulate you on your superb tastes and finally letting go of Mr. Coffee (I hear he has a tendency to run with Whiskey from time to time).  I have also noticed that when you brew tea half of it is left in the tea pot for you can not fit it all in even the deepest of your mugs.  This half that is left out gets rather cold and scummy I’ll admit.  Thus I propose that a handy invention called a “tea cozy” is in order.  It’s quite brilliant, juts a little sweater for your beloved tea pot that helps insulate the contents there in.

All the best,
T. Pot

Dear Mr. Pot,
Thank you so much for your concern.  I have indeed been feeling ill lately but am on the road to recovery.  A tea cozy sounds just the thing to fix my cold tea dilemma.  What color cozy do you suggest?

Thank you,

Dear Preita,
Something masculine, maybe with stripes?  It is a terrible myth perpetrated by Disney that all tea pots are female.

My best,
T. Pot

[where the previous paragraphs came from I can’t even begin to tell you.  I also know that there is nothing that will convince me that a tea pot is a feminine vessel.  It’s so obviously masculine in shape.  (now I know a lot of you are taking a second look at your tea pots) This was a fun quick little knit I finished in about 2 hours. ]



5 thoughts on “Corispondence From A Teapot

  1. OMG, I totally need a tea cozy. Lol

    Sorry to hear that you’ve been under the weather. I hope it clears up soon and that you had a great weekend. Love you!

  2. How does that… go on? Or come off? I find myself simultaneously bemused and greedy when I see teapot cosies (cozies?). Yours is lovely and quite masculine. It reminds me (and here is where I reveal my utter geekdom) of Giles from Buffy the Vapmire Slayer. Is that what T. Pot sounds like when he converses with you?

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