The Dragons Of Ordinary Farm : Book Review

Brother and sister, Tyler and Lucinda are like many normal preteen kids. They live off video games, television programs and extended phone calls about absolutely nothing. They are exceptionally undeniably normal. That is of course till they receive an unexpected invitation from their Great Uncle Gideon (who till just that moment they didn’t know existed) inviting them to stay with him at his farm.

Arriving at Ordinary Farm expecting the worst Tyler and Lucinda are dazzled by the ever increasingly extra-ordinariness of Ordinary Farm. Instead of cows and pigs and roosters Ordinary Farm hosts a large variety of creatures previously unheard of in farming, least of all dragons and a flying monkey.  Suddenly farm life doesn’t seem quite so boring anymore when you are taking care of supposedly mythical creatures and you really see Tyler and Lucinda grow as characters from whiny little kids to really engaging personalities.

 Strange things are afoot at the farm though, at least more strange than they normally are. The farm and its inhabitants are threatened from the most unlikely of places and it’s up to Tyler and Lucinda to save the day the best way they can.  Along the way brother and sister find that they have some extraordinary talents of their own adding to the excitement.

The Dragons Of Ordinary farm is a fun little book for 9-12 year olds (per the cover). I’m not well versed with the age requirements on books but I think that this could easily be enjoyed by all school aged children.  Though I believe almost any book could be (and should be) read to kids.  The storyline is cute and moves along pretty well after the first few pages.  The writing seemed to opened up and became much more engaging so that by the end I was quite sad to see I was on the very last page.  I want to know more about the mysterious grumpy Mr. Walkwell and the huge viking looking Ragnar and all the other mysterious and varied farm hands of Ordinary Farm.  The story of bringing together family, of choosing one’s family and seeing outside what is expected is quite enjoyable. The characters are well written though I wish one or two would have been a little more detailed. All in all a lovely little book I would gladly recommend to any budding reader.

I hope that I’m right  in my feeling that this is begging for a return visit to Ordinary Farm because I’ll be first on that bandwagon.  Deborah Beale and Tad Williams have wove a brilliant little adventure anyone could sink their teeth into.


3 thoughts on “The Dragons Of Ordinary Farm : Book Review

  1. Interesting! I’ll have to check it out.

    The premise sounds a lot like the Fablehaven series…you should check those ones out; I’d be interested in how you think they compare.

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