Blood Bound : Book Review

In Blood Bound Mercy Thompson is back and just as captivating as she was in Moon Called.  This time it is her vampire friend Stefan that needs her help.  It seems that a new vampire has moved into the neighborhood and is causing the community at large all sorts of trouble.  Repaying the favor she owes Stefan from Moon Called she embroils herself in danger, mystery, and darker forces than she bargained for.

I don’t know if I can say how much I love these books.  They are short little 300 + pagers that can be finished easily in one day with out using too much brain power.  That is not to say that they aren’t cleverly written with fun humerus dialogue, just enough action (with out drawing out fight scenes indefinitely), and a little bit of romance.  In this novel Mercy comes to the aid of her vampiric friend Stefan who seems to have bitten off a bit more than he can chew.  It all starts with a message Stefan is to deliver to another vampire, one who does not have permission to be in town.  When they arrive we learn this is no ordinary vampire.

Patricia Briggs is quite talented at keeping the reader guessing (at least this reader) till the very end.  The ride is entertaining and lighthearted at places though hits quite deeply when Mrs. Briggs digs into how much Mercy cares for her friends. 

The love triangle between the alpha male Adam, Samuel, and Mercy is still brooding I’m happy to report that it doesn’t overshadow the main story.  The interaction between the three is interesting but not overpowering as it could be.

As in Moon Called Patricia Briggs is quite talented at presenting us with just enough depth into vampire culture to give the novel a more robust feel with out drowning us in the showy romantic notions of vampires that has become so popular.  There is a fair balance of good and evil which I feel lets the reader decide how to feel about the characters themselves.

In all I thoroughly enjoyed Blood Bound as much as Moon Called.  I still have the same complaint about the cover art that though I enjoy the art itself it’s not how I would ever picture Mercy.  Especially in the fact that she spends half the book with a half swollen face and a shiner.  Mercy definitely gets her butt kicked in these novels but always ends out on top.


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