Vilai and Some Book Reviews

First off I have finished some knitting to show you. I also have  been spinning for Tour De Fleece to show off (though it’s admittedly not very exciting).  Second I have breezed through 3 novels in the last week that I need to get off my chest.

First off, socks!

Pattern: Vilai from Sock Innovation
Yarn: Dream In Color Smooshy colorway Gothic Rose
Needles: US 1’s throughout
Verdict: Stretchy pretty socks that hurt my hands!

I’m not really sure what made me decide that I needed to knit these socks.  I’m not really one for cabled socks in the first place (no matter how brilliant I think they look) so this was a little rare for me.  After they are completed though I really love them.  One thing I do not love though is the sssk’s or the k3tog. Which there were a lot.  Doing these on two circs meant that these stitches were always on the end of the row making leverage hard and stitches a little tight in places.  Also if you can’t tell there are twisted stitches involved.  Cookie A. loves her twisted stitches and why not?  They make cables pop and are so pretty and tidy but after a while you just want to impale yourself on a size 13 knitting needle. 

And since I have extrodinarly large feet (at least I think so) it took quite a few pattern repeats to get enough length to cover my size 12 clodstompers.  That said I love these socks as I love all my handknit socks.  I love that they fit me PERFECTLY and I love the color and that they are beautiful.  I DO NOT like that the pattern tells you to have quite a few more pattern stitches for the instep than the sole, that means that your lace is coming in contact with the ground which I do not enjoy.  Had I thought it through on the first sock I would have changed it, but I didn’t realize the it till sock #2.  And those knitters among you realize that there is nothing more grievously irritating than 2 differently fitting socks (though in close competition is two sleeves of differing lengths)

Other than knitting I have been spinning.  I have set myself up on a little mission to finish spinning my Shetland wool I have in stash. I have decided I want to spin for the Alberta Vest and now have my eye out for a good contrasty fiber to spin for the stripes.

Shetland Wool

Shetland Wool

This is unwashed in the picture but I would say that I’m very close to spinning an even almost worsted weight which is awesome for me!

Another thing that’s been taking up my time is reading. 

I usually don’t give book reviews because I feel that reading is so subjective.  It is so incredibly personal what a person finds interesting to read.  Maybe that’s because I refuse to acknowledge Oprah’s book club as viable literature and read fantasy instead.  I know I don’t show people my books because I worry about being cast as a geeky D&D player (which I never played by the way).  I find it much more interesting when a complete world/ race/ religion is made up.  I live in the real world and it’s damn depressing sometimes.  Why on earth would I need to read a book that could just as easily be about some family struggling down the street?  The truth is I do not. 

I have to admit that I have a soft gooey spot for the neglected creatures of fantasy.  The less charismatic creatures that are rarely discussed make me all sorts of happy.  Imagine my delight if you will when I turned around to find ORCS staring me in the face at the local Barnes & Noble.  I just about squealed right there in the isle which made some dorky D&D geek looking at role playing books give me the eyebrow (yes I will stereotype you if you ARE looking at role playing books and wearing a t-shirt that says “Dragons Killed The Dinosaurs”).

I practically danced home with visions of gore and blood in my head.  (I’m a simple girl and I still am not sure how anyone would survive mid evil combat which is what really fascinates me!).  All that build up, all that excitement only to be completely let down. 

Dear Stan, I know you have published all sorts of books and maybe it’s not entirely your fault.  Maybe it’s my fault, maybe we just have no chemistry together but I have to tell you that we are breaking up.  I have read both of your ORCS books and I have to be honest; you are just not that excellent of a writer.  I know it hurts and I understand if you hate me, but you have to understand deep down in your heart that I am saying nothing but the truth.  Your sentences are simple, your lack of semi colons sadden, and your elimination of real description maddens.  There was a point where you were describing one of the only female orcs in your story and all of the sudden *POOF* you made her have HAIR! Then it was gone, she was bald again and it made me worry for your health.  Did you just have a brain fart? What happened?  Also as a woman who would kick some serious ass I would like to tell you that if I were an evil sorcerers I would not dress in stilettos, leather, and fur.  I would not have a cat named sapphire.  You want to know why? Because a woman like that would NEVER be taken seriously. Because you can’t run, much less kill someone in stilettos.  Also, leather is hot and restrictive.  No evil genius worth his/her salt is going to parade around in leather pants. Just saying.

You took a really fascinating storyline and completely destroyed it.  Time to hire a ghost writer.   Also, how did you get Tad Williams to write you a byline? Did you have to pay for that because Tad is #1 now that Robert Jordan is gone and you are not even in the same atmospheric plane as either of them (though the independent UK seems to think you are Robert Jordan’s heir apparent which is the most laughable thing I’ve ever heard since no one could be as amazing as RJ)

Now onto things that have completely thrilled and surprised me!  Moon Called has stared at me from the book shelve and the summer reading pile at the bookstore for almost 3 months.  I have ignored it because I have seen all the sickening post Twilight crap on the market now.  I do not like vampires and I HATE vampire romance novels.  I like my vampires scary.  I love werewolves though and even though this story is ABOUT werewolves I couldn’t get past the cover.  I love the art but it yells to me “Teen Angst Novel!” and I moved right along.  Finally last week though I gave in.  I sucked up my snotty pride and said “OK little novel, you have your chance, I don’t expect to be impressed”.  And that little novel is now my new obsession. 

The writing is brilliant.  It’s Witty, charming, humorous, and face paced.  I woke up one day and started reading it in the morning and by dinner was done.  It’s that brilliant.  The main character is a female mechanic who’s not overly sexed out like the cover.  She’s kinda badassed and incredibly smart.  She’s the kind of chick I’d want to know.  The author gives surprisingly deep insight into the werewolf culture and background while not diving too deeply into the past.  The dialogue is natural and engaging.  I have not been this excited about a book since I first read The Dragon Bone Chair (which is kind of my holy bible).

(HA! I just realized I’m wearing the same color shirt in all three pictures.  Amazingly they are not at all the same shirt!)

In other news we finally have laid claim to our garage and shuffled the landlords crap out.  Finally I will be able to start sorting through my parents crap.  It made me quite angry to realize upon looking at the garage that 1/3 of the crap in there belonged to our landlord, 1/3 belonged to my parents (who have retired and moved out of their townhome) and 1/3 was ours. Except that we had a pathway and much less stuff.  It’s time for everone to get their crap out of my house.  This is my new project.


5 thoughts on “Vilai and Some Book Reviews

  1. I enjoyed reading this blog post immensely! It also reminded me to get some books to read. Before I started knitting etc. so much, I read2-3 books a week, and that was holding back. :o)

  2. Now I know why you haven’t test knitted my sock pattern…they have cables. I did not know that about you. I would not have asked if I had known.

  3. Ok first off what in the world is a Orc. I am surprised you read Moon Called. Your on your way to the twilight series in no time ..j/k

    I think you should give me a preview of the sweater I’m dying to see it:)

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