Crochet, Flowers, & Lompoc

This last weekend the Mr and I drove up to Lompoc to visit our friends Mette & Tom at Ranch Of The Oaks.  It was the annual flower festival up there which was pretty neat.  I didn’t know that Lompoc was the seed capital of the United States and where I’m used to seeing produce fields there are instead fields of flowers.

Tractor in a marigold field.

Tractor in a marigold field.

As always there was some farm animal visits.



I have to say I’ve been wanting to get into the big pasture with the donkeys since I met Mette.  I was amazed that they both came right over and were happy to get any kind of attention from us. 

Donkey Love :)

Donkey Love 🙂

Of course there are llamas but they aren’t nearly as friendly.



Fashion is relative on a ranch

Fashion is relative on a ranch

All in all the weekend was a blast.  We kept Mette & Tom company at their booth at the craft fair for the flower festival.  I spent the whole time crocheting and the Mr spun 12 ounces of alpaca.

Crocheted Icelandic Scarf

Crocheted Icelandic Scarf

This is made from a little under 400 yds of Icelandic Wool from Ranch Of the Oaks.  This is probably the nicest lopi I’ve ever felt. It’s amazingly itch free that I doubt a lot of people would know what kind of wool it was.

I’m not sure what I did with the crochet pattern because I’m not a good crocheter.  I think it’s a half double crochet? But I’m really not sure.

I am done with my apres surf hoodie and just have to take pictures. It’s awesome. It’s probably the prettiest thing I’ve knit next to my Lady Elanore and I know I will get quite a lot of use out of it.  I now have to think of the next big project 😉

Until then I thought this sign was funny.


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