Actual Knitting!

I have finished the back and am close to finishing the front of my Apres` Surf Hoodie.

I am using Beaverslide Dry Goods in their light sportweight.  It’s $30 for a 1lb cone, comes in fantastic colors and is 1976yds per cone. Seriously, it’s amazing.  I can’t wait to finish this sweater because it’s going to get A LOT of wear. I’m leaving off the hood because that’s just how I roll. I don’t wear a hood and don’t need a hood looking like a giant flabby tumor on my back.

I realize I’ve neglected my spinning wheel for a few weeks and have a few bobbins that i really need to ply. Maybe I can get that done next week and free up all the bobbins before heading up to Lompoc.   Lord knows I have enough fiber.

I also have fairly regular visitors to the yard bird wise.



 and then these guys which crack me up. I want to know what the fly did to the bird!


It’s been cool and kind of cloudy lately but that has been great weather for the flowers which have now really bloomed in earnest.

I may also have a lead on a job but I’m not going to go into too much detail in case I jinx it 😉  Also I’m getting closer to a kind of landmark for me.  I am just about to reach 200,000 words in my story. I printed out (at kinkos online) what I have so far and had it bound. It’s weird to have it tangible and to physically hold it in your hand. 


6 thoughts on “Actual Knitting!

  1. OMG an actual book! WHOA! That’s awesome! I love that lace and the color is fab! Is that little bird okay? I hope s/he flew away!

    You can send any spun fiber my way.. I can help you use some.. Hehe!

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