Celebrating the Small Anniversaries.

A week of anniversaries.  Not big ones like wedding anniversaries, the Mr and I were married in September, but ones that we’ve never actually acomplished before.

First off, we have spent one full year in one place.  One house, no moving, 12 full months.  You might think that this is nothing and that people do this all the time, but honestly we haven’t.  See, the standard lease in California is 10 months and we have only once re-signed a lease in our almost 6 year marriage.  Of course, a week after we resigned it (in month 11) we decided to relocate to Ohio for business and moved that month.

Also yesterday marked the 10th week since I gave up smoking. That’s two and 1/2 months.  I still want a cigarette almost every week but it usually passes quite quickly. I think it’s a physical want rather than a NEED.  Like my brain is remembering  “hey, didn’t we used to smoke about this time every day?”   It’s amazing how well I breath now, how well I smell and how well I taste.  I knew smoking decreased all these things but it doesn’t matter when you are in the middle of an addiction. 

I have also finished the first Vilai sock.  Another Cookie A sock from Sock Innovation. Am I knitting my way through this book? Probably. I did the same thing with Knitting Vintage Socks.

Vilai Sock

Vilai Sock

The color is off because it’s one of those fantastically red/wine/burgandy colors that is beautiful in person but doesn’t photograph worth a spit.  Hopefully the June Gloom will lift a bit in the next few days so when I finish both I can photograph them in natural light (for those of you that don’t live in Southern California/ Central Coast and don’t know what June Gloom is, well it’s an entire month in SUMMER where it is weirdly cold during the day and the sun is absent.  It happens every year but still is weird to me)


6 thoughts on “Celebrating the Small Anniversaries.

  1. Love that sock…and I guess we here in Northern Cali are experiencing something similar to June Gloom. I actually had to use my windshield wipers last night…not really because of rain, but more because of a heavy mist.

    Congrats on the anniversaries! The smoking one is extra fabulous!

  2. Congrats on all the anniversaries!! That’s just great 🙂 The smoking is the best one though, at least health wise.. Although being in 1 place for 12 months is also fantastic for the health.. Haha!!

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