Two Socks Full

I finished two pairs of socks in the last week.  One pair was finished in two days which is even a record for me!  Funnily enough they are still not my favorite pairs of socks in Cookie A.’s Sock Innovation. 

Kei-Mai Socks

Kei-Mai Socks

Pattern: Kei-Mai from Sock Innovation
Yarn: Knit Picks Essential Kettle Dyed in Wine
Needles: US 2 circs
Thoughts: This pattern is honestly just fine.  Nothing to write home about in my mind though it does have some unique and thoughtful construction in regard to the lace panel. 7 inches of ribbed cuff was a little much though, there should have been more going on because though this was a super fast sock I didn’t want to knit it because of the boringness of ribbing. All in all it’s just fine.

Angee Socks

Angee Socks

Pattern: Angee from Sock Innovation
Yarn: Malabrigo Sock
Needles: US 1 circs
Thoughts: OK, now here is what I was looking for.  Though this still is not my cup of tea pattern wise they were so much fun to knit and the chart just sucked me in that I finished these babies in 2 days total.

Angee Socks

Angee Socks

The yarn reminds me of a Monet painting and it was amazingly ribby enough that I could smash my fat foot in the sock before washing/blocking it for the recipient who totally does not wear my big clog stomper size 12’s.

I have one complaint about Sock Innovation by Cookie A. though.  All the stitch counts are a might puny.  They are all roughly 60-65 stswhich is tough on a gal who has large feet. Especially when there are cables involved.  That means I have to up my yarn/needle size to even be able to wear these socks  but also means that I will end up with thick slipper socks. :/  Though…she does go through a whole second on modifying a stitch count I still feel I kinda shouldn’t have to.  But then again, maybe I’m spoiled. 

In other news my husband is starting his own line of knitting related products using rare woods and a laythe.  No, they are not knitting needles and as soon as I have a proto type I will flash it all over the blog 🙂

Purple Heart

Purple Heart

On the job front I am still unemployed but I have a thingamajig (not an actual interview) that I have to show up for on the 16th.  It’s for the county and it’s doing something I could do in my sleep, and it pays pretty darn well.  So we will see.  Though I have to tell you, I was looking forward to having the entire summer off.


4 thoughts on “Two Socks Full

  1. Good job on cranking out those socks! I like the Malabrigo color you picked out.
    The complaint you have on sock pattern sounds like my complaints about right handed pattern instructions. Why not write them out so left handers can use them as well? We’re part of the knitting community so why not make patterns that ready easily for both populations? Is it that hard to do? I think not. But unfortunately like so many things I consider unfair in life, the majority wins. In our cases, size 8 women’s shoes and right handers win. I hear you!

  2. Beautiful socks Preita! I really like the red pair (of course Red is my favorite color). I really like the ‘side lace’ on the bottom. You and Beatriz are sock Queens!

    Goodluck on the 16th! A County job would really be a score.

  3. Whoohooo for summers off! I don’t really have summer off since I have to work but it feels like I have the summer off since I don’t have class. I tell you I have been partying it up!
    … Okay, I am a dork and don’t actually “party” but I did 7 miles for my long run this weekend! That’s sort of like a party, right?
    Your socks look great! I can’t believe you finished those fancy socks in 2 days!!! When I saw that on Facebook I was imagining something pretty simple, not with a crazy chart and everything! You rock!

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