I <3 Icelandic Wool

One of the nice things about being home is that after I finish looking for a job for the day I have “free time” which means trying to clean the house, making dinner (I am having an affair with the crock pot), baking bread and what not. This week it included spinning.

Icelandic + Angora Goat

Icelandic + Angora Goat

 This is Icelandic Wool blended with Angora Goat from Ranch Of The Oaks and it was absolutely beautiful to the touch.  Not at all like any lopi I’ve ever felt, it was clean and soft and so enjoyable.  Also, it had a LONG staple!  Over 3 inches in some places!  I’d totally recomend begining spinners trying icelandic but I doubt that any is really as nice as Tom & Mette’s.  I’m not sure how they get it so soft but they are doing something seriously right at Ranch Of The Oaks for sure!

I’m thinking that after I wash and twack it this yarn will fluff up to a solid DK or even light worsted weight. I am thinking about making fingerless mitts or mittens out of this as it’s a little too hairy to be close to the neck.

I also finished a sock from Cookie A.’s new book.  Kei-Mai.  It’s nice I guess. I’m waiting until I finish the second sock for a full review but though I was impressed with the traveling lace pattern I wasn’t happy with the 7″ long cuff or that for my foot size the lace travels all the way across the foot to the other stockingknit portion of the sock.  I’m really glad I went up a needle size (66st is kinda small for me!) instead of adding more rib because then I really would have been out of luck pattern wise.

I think that these socks are kinda pretty, but I think pattern wise they aren’t my cup of tea.  I chose this pattern to get my feet wet in the book and now that I have it’s off to the more interesting and fun patterns. 

Icelandic Lambs

Icelandic Lambs

I’m really in love with the coloring on these little guys.  I can’t wait till they make it into more yarn for me!


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