Froot Loops!

Well, kinda, at least in sock version 🙂 I have to say, I love these socks but I still am not a fan of this yarn. I think if I would have used it for a scarf or a shawl it would have served me so much better.  The color is stunning, it’s smooshy, but the stitch definition is not what I could hope for.   That said I do love these socks, they were fun to knit (every other row is a knit row for those of you that love that) and there is no actual cabling. It’s all k2tog or slipped stitches. I know, a lot of you are trying to figure this out right now, but seriously, it’s brilliant for socks. (Also, please don’t notice, though I am totally now pointing it out to you, the difference in the cuff lengths. I have no idea what happened.)

Froot Loops Socks

Froot Loops Socks

Pattern: Froot Loops Socks
Yarn: J Knits Colorway “California” (how appropriate! And delish!)
Needles: US 1 circs
Mods: I added 1 extra pattern repeat to bring the st count to 70 since I was afraid of a lack of stretch. I didn’t need to, but I like it this way.
Verdict: Love 🙂

Froot Loop Detail

Froot Loop Detail

I think the end result is pretty nice and the yarn is just enough variegated that it adds interest with out detracting from the pattern to much.



I ended up keeping a shallow gusset because I like the instep pattern to come right to where the middle of my foot. I don’t like any stockingknit creeping up onto the top of the instep at all!

Froot Loop

Froot Loop

Second pair of socks finished this year & I might just be on another sock kick.  It’s summer, I’m laid off and I have quite the sock yarn stash.  Since I am off buying any new yarn I will knit what I have, which means most likely, socks.

I’d like to thank you all again for the wonderful response I got to my Cornrow Socks. I was a little overwhelmed by how nice the responce was.  Especially for a sock I was just kind of making up as I went. 🙂 I would like you to know also that it is available as a direct download from Ravelry now thanks to my Dad for turning my pattern into a PDF (we have really old versions of word at our house apparently!).

In other news the Mr and I are joining his parents up at June Lake (up near Yosemite National Park) and I can’t wait. It’s a cabin right on the lake and there will be fishing! The FIL is actually thinking about renting a boat so I’m stoked!

Yesterday I met up with my friend Sophia and we had coffee, chatted excessively (which is the only kind of chatting I do), knit and cruised Main St in Ventura for a while. Silliness was to be had.

You all have a fantastic holiday weekend! I’m off to out fish the boys, knit, write, and enjoy some nature! (PS I’m now up to 125,000 words, another 100,000 words & I think this part – yes I did say ‘part’ which isn’t what I was planning on originally – will be done!)


4 thoughts on “Froot Loops!

  1. I kinda like the color. So how many pairs of socks do you have now? (thinking she should learn to knit socks because they look so comfy.)
    But then again, where the hell would I wear socks in Arizona. Kerbla (it’s my new word)
    Hope you guys have fun on Vaca, can’t wait to see the pictures. 😉

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