I received my first call back about a job yesterday. It was unexpected and I don’t have an interview yet, but they gave me a personal link, my own password and asked me to fill out the longest online application ever.  See, this was a ‘why not’ job.  I have absolutely no experience in this field but I read it, the job sounded like something I feel is awesome, and since I had absolutely nothing to loose I applied. (at the encouragement of my FIL).   The strange thing is that though I think this job could potentially be awesome for me it pays the same as my last job but no cubical would be required. Amazing right, are we as human beings even able to do work out side cube anymore?  (the answer is obviously yes but it usually indicates you do some sort of manual labor).

So cheers to taking a random chance.  Cheers to not worrying about being good enough.  It’s a resume, it’s a job, if they don’t like it they won’t call me, no big deal.

My health has improved drastically over the last week also.  I feel great, a little odd being at home, but physically I feel the best I have felt in months.  I realize now that this is no chance encounter.  That job was poisoning me, the stress of always being wrong no matter what I did even if I followed exactly what they told me to do, was overwhelming.  There were days that if I heard one more “Remember Preita…” I was seriously going to loose my shit on them.  You can’t say “Remember to ___” if it’s a brand new policy that you ARE JUST TELLING ME ABOUT RIGHT NOW because guess what? I can’t remember if you’ve never told me.  But that’s how everything worked and I’m so thankful to be away from it. 

I’ve also gotten a bunch of writing done.  I’ve surpassed 113,000 words an am getting my ducks in a row for the climax.  I don’t doubt that it will take me another 100,000 words to finish this book, but I’m not ashamed of it.  I don’t know how people can write a full novel in 35-55,000 words, I’m not that kind of person. 

Things I have discovered (or rediscovered) with my time off:
Blaring Disturbed across the house so that the windows shudder when no one else is home.
Listening to my ipod for 8 hours strait
Laughing after listening to 6 strait podcasts of Prairie Home Companion
Feeling bolstered after listening to my back Unitarian Universalist Pod Casts
Having my energy back
Having time to spin at night


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