Knit Thursday-Yellow Version

A week of mixed emotions is coming to a close and I have survived it.  I’m still kind of getting my shit together and with the help of my more than amazing FIL I’ve almost gotten a serious hard core resume that honestly, is pretty impressive.  I think the hardest thing for me personally is that I have troubles talking about my accomplishments. Yes, I blog, a lot, and it’s mostly about me me me! but it’s hard for me to say in real life “Look at me, I did this, I rule.”  It was hard to go through my almost two years at the last company and think of a single actual accomplishment because it was not the environment that would have ever told you that you were doing a good job.  Fortunately my FIL did this for me, and actually? I accomplished quite a lot.

In other news I have been knitting. I think I might have found my knitting mojo again. 

First off. I knit my niece a February Baby Sweater and it is most likely the cutest thing I’ve ever knit.

Pattern: February Baby Sweater
Yarn: Cotton Fleece a little less than 2 skeins
Needle: US 8
Mods: I knit one more increase round which was perfect.

Amazingly it came out perfect, the length of the body, the 3/4 sleeves, all perfect. it still needs a toggle which I will have to do today because they are leaving tomorrow morning.


The Baba is a big fan of the sweater, she twirls and runs around telling everyone she’s “Pretty!”

The only improvement I could see on this sweater was one actually suggested by the niece herself.  She was convinced that this sweater needed a hood and kept asking for one. I think it would be seriously cute with a hood and am pretty sure I will be knitting one of these sweaters every year of her life until she’s old enough to tell me to stop being a dork.

I also started a new sock (I’m now almost done with the first sock, but you know how we knitters are 😉

Froot Loop Sock

Froot Loop Sock

I really love the stitch pattern, but I’m not sure about the twisted stitch heel, it doesn’t seem as nice & secure as the slipped stitch heel.

I also finally finished some spinning!

800+ yds of sock weight Merino

800+ yds of sock weight Merino

I only meant to spin 400+ yds but I guess I got carried away. 🙂

As some of you noticed yesterday I released a new pattern which is becoming way more popular than I thought it would.  I have to make it into a PDF to directly download from Ravelry but for now my computer at home doesn’t have that updated word format that would allow me to do it.

In job news I have stepped lightly through the listings so far.  Picking and choosing what is worth actually applying to, writing a personal cover letter for and putting down on my list for a follow up call.  I know I could go strait back into the same industry but…I’m not sure that I want to.  It’s hard because my first job in this industry was so awesome. I would have bled myself dry for that job, my bosses and the work. This one that I was just laid off from was disappointing, it’s hard to have management that doesn’t inspire you to do your best so I’m a little gun shy about going strait back into that line of work. 

One job that actually interested me when I applied was the position of a court collector.  So we will see. One step in front of the other gets you further than an all out sprint.


3 thoughts on “Knit Thursday-Yellow Version

  1. With praise like that, I’d sign up to knit her a sweater every year of her life too! How wonderful.

    And I’m so ashamed I missed your announcement. I read you blog and your facebook and I still missed it. Well, I am a little sorry you lost your job b/c it’s never fun to get the boot. But, that job was no good. They treated you miserably. And you can totally do better than that. You deserve better! So, happy hunting! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

  2. That sweater is *ridiculosly* adorable. And ditto what Knittedgems says about the job. It truly sounded toxic. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if your health improved now that you are away from all the bs.

    And I completely understand how it is hard to rave about onself, especially if it goes against ones nature. Those who are constantly bragging need it because they are fucking slackers. 🙂

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