Unemployment, welcome me to your bosom.

Yup, I was  totally laid off today. Strangely I’m really not that upset about it. I got a two week severance check & was paid bi weekly today so that’s almost a month of pay & a kiss off.
But it’s OK. Seriously.  The Mr took the day off today (hello fate?) because my SIL, BIL and the BABY (can you tell I’m seriously excited that she’s here?) are here, so after I was called into be laid off (in the middle of the day) I called him to come get me cause I needed him. Thankfully, (hello fate x2) he was only 2 minutes away at my MIL’s office getting lunch with them. So he was there in no time.
Amazingly (especially for me) I totally didn’t loose my shit. I didn’t cry, didn’t whimper, and didn’t let fucking them win. I don’t know where I found the strength but you know, I really hated those fuckers. I hate that the VP of operations didn’t have the balls to be in the office when it happened. I hate that he gets paid nearly 200K a year and never comes in the office. (Did you know you can totally google your boss? And if you work for a public company you can totally find out how much his salary is, and how much his BONUSES are? Yup, and if they have a fucked up family life? Well you can know even more.) I hate that his girlfriend is given full rein over the office and can make us all feel like shit for no other reason than she’s a cold hearted bitch. I hated that job. Really hated it. 
I always said “I’m going to find something better” “I can do so much better.” well you know what? Life totally made me own up to it. Life was tired of my empty promises and made the decision for me.
Still, I can’t find enough to be upset about it to cry. I don’t have that kind of hurt feelings about it. I’m kind of embarrassed, especially since I didn’t see it coming, especially since they JUST hired a new girl in a department they DID NOT NEED, but I’m ok.
Things that make me ok?
An awesome husband, seriously, I wish everyone could have their own version of the Mr because everyone deserves to be loved like this.  Unconditionally, unwaveringly, thru and thru. He was waiting at the bottom of the stairs when I made it down (a surprise because I didn’t know he was there that fast) and ready to save me if I needed it  or kick some ass if it needed to be done.
Awesome fucking friends that read my twitter seconds after it happans & ask me if I am OK. Seriously, you fill my heart.
Amazing inlaws. My MIL was so pissed when she found out that I was laid off that she called my FIL a major stock holder in the company I was just laid off from.  Did you know that you could be laid off from a company that your FIL owns a major share of?  I didn’t either! So I’m leaving the rest of what I want to say unsaid, because it may be public soon enough.  This is really where one understands “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”.  
I’m also sure that my inlaws would easily kick the anti Christ’s ass if he messed with one of their kids.  We don’t only circle the wagons, we shoot grandes at you while doing it.
Also, I’ve almost written a full book. A book where people actually want to read it. Where I finally feel like I may have come across something that lets the secret world inside my head be ok. A book that is impressing people.
I get unemployment (that helps and I almost forgot about it). Thank you Mr again.
I know that I will probably be able to find a job semi soon, even in this market because I can do just about anything and will do just about anything.
So you know what? I’m ok. I’m more than ok. I get to spend a week with my niece who I adore. I get to go to the beach in the middle of the day. I get to clean my fucking house like it’s never been cleaned before and I get to write. This is all one week. My resume will go out on Monday after my FIL (the king of resumes) reviews it and I will continue to be ok.
THIS is Sisu. This is what it means to be Finnish, my people came from the tundra and herded reindeer, with this blood running through my veins it’s kinda hard to get upset about some thing so easily fixed.

17 thoughts on “Unemployment, welcome me to your bosom.

  1. Stay strong Preita!

    Things will work out like they’re supposed to – just like you said.

    On to bigger and better things 🙂



  2. Sometimes you just gotta be kicked in the ass before you see all the things around you that are GREAT! Its wonderful that you are out of such a draining situation. There are really good things out there waiting for you!! And – now you can come spin with us!

    Grab me the next time we’re at the LYS at the same time. I will tell you about a spinning study group that we are starting. Not all of us are seasoned spinners. I am just a beginner too, so come join us! gd

    (btw – the angel was Becky)

  3. I’m actually kind of envious! It’s awesome that the Universe has made this decision for you. Now you have more time to, among other things, work on your career as an aspiring author!

  4. Aww, I’m sorry. But I think you’re better off without a job that sucks your soul.

    Enjoy your time with family. 🙂

  5. Screw um! (I actually want to say something worse, but I don’t know these people answering your blog).

    Congratualtions on the dump of this PIA job!! I hope you thanked them on the way out the door. There is so much better coming your way.

    I can’t wait to read the book. Then you will have time to work on the MOVIE (derived from the book!) Hugs Baby!

  6. So glad you have an awesome Mr. and great inlaws. Something great will come of this! Your attitude about it all insures it!

  7. You kick MAJOR butt! You are so positive about the whole situation and I’m so happy for you! It sucks, but I know how much happier you will be not at that job! 🙂

  8. It sounds like a mixed blessing, so I won’t say I’m sorry that you lost your job. You’ve got amazing marketable talents, and it was just time to move on. Hugs. Here’s looking forward to something better for you.

  9. Aw, that’s really really rough. Hang in there – if you didn’t like it there, things can only get better!

  10. I totally identify with this. Take some time to rest and regroup, then go get a job… most likely a BETTER job! I have ever confidence that there is something better for you.

    Best wishes!

  11. even though I was there that day, I’m comenting anyway.. I love you tootse! And remember I didn’t make you the superhero of my women’s lib story on a whim. It was becuase you are one of the strongest women I know (just remember the lebian plumber thing was just a side plot)
    <Are you laughing yet? good.

  12. Ok, so, I’m like a week late, but seriously, this will be for the better. You’re gonna find an AMAZING job that will be perfect for you.

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