Last week was a difficult week for me and I didn’t really feel like writing. I thank those of you that asked what was up with my last post, but I’m really not going to elaborate because it’s not something I feel comfortable discussing openly in a public forum (which directly translates into “It may or may not be work related”). So thank you for your concern, I’m ok, seriously. I just had my principles tested.

I am a Unitarian Universalist and I try very hard to practice “The inherent Worth and Dignity of Every Person” so even if I don’t like you or don’t agree with you I still think that you should be treated with respect, kindness, and dignity.  This was tested  pretty rigorously last week reaffirming my belief that if you are not here making the world a better place you have no place in the world.

Enough of that rant. I did what my moral compass compelled me to do and now feel much more rational about the whole thing.

In other news I have UFOs 🙂 Knitting has been going slowly for some reason. I feel as though my endless pararde of finished knits from last year stalled out somewhere this year. Maybe it’s because I’m more picky about what I knit or maybe it’s because I’m just trying to use the stash.  Either way it’s a little bit slower in the final production.

February Baby Sweater

February Baby sweater in cotton fleece for my niece Amelia 🙂 For some reason I put off knitting this sweater though I can’t remember why. Maybe it was the incredible growth spurts my niece is prone to (you may say this is normal, but man, the girl is TALL) or that every time I think about this knit it’s summer in Arizona where she lives.

Either way, I found out that my BIL, SIL & niece are coming for a visit early next month and I thought that it was a great time to knit it. Not only would the weather be perfect, (warm days but the nights are still cool) but I would be able to get some modeled shots.  I made the sleeves 3/4 length so that mom wouldn’t have to roll them up & I made it out of a sturdy but light cotton. So at least it will get one springs worth of wear. I just need to sew the sleeves, wash, block & find a toggle for the front 🙂

I also finished my first cornrow sock last week at knitting.

Cornrow sock.

Cornrow sock.

This isn’t a great picture and I don’t really like socks with out feet in them, but I don’t have two socks to model so there you go.  (also, I love my moose sock blockers) I decided to continue the pattern down the heel flap because the sturdiness and flatness of the stitch pattern really lendt itself well to it. Hopefully by the end of the week I will have two finished socks and a free pattern for ya all.

I probably didn’t mention but two weekends past the Mr and I snagged some fish out of my MIL’s pond for our own pond. How many grown adults does it take to herd gold fish into a net? At least 3, and only if one is on her knees with her arm in the water up to her elbow. 🙂

Not sated with the 5 beautiful fish we managed to snag from them the Mr wanted a Koi. So we stopped by petco and picked up a just delivered bag of koi. Two butterfly koi which I am really totally in love with.

Koi for our pond

Koi for our pond

One is a fantastic mind blowing yellow and the other a lighter orange/gold than the comets we have in the pond already. Everyone seems to have settled in quite well and Mr Mellow Yellow there is apparently king of the fish as they all follow him around and won’t make a move with out him which I find funny.

We also had a small skirmish at the house this weekend. All was peaceful as it should be till the great Bob-zilla, unhappy with his complete rule over the lands of Floor, Couch, and Bed decided to attack the good hearted lego people of Dining Room Table.

It was a brutal battle, every man that could carry a weapon turned out to defend the walls. There were indeed times when it looked quite grim as the beast seemed impervious to arrows and spears.

A sneak attack from the back of the castle was tried gaining the great Bob-zilla access to the castles rear courtyard, but trusty knights were quick to flock to the dangers.

In the end a truce was proposed by the King of all Legomen & Dining Room Table.

The truce was accepted by Bob-zilla because after all, it was close to naptime.


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  1. The inherit worth & dignity principle is definitely the hardest to remember in day-to-day life, IMO. Big hugs to you & good for you for listening to that compass! (Mine could probably use a good realignment…thank you for the unintentional, nonviolent, and respectful kick in the pants! 😉 )

    OMG, you have a Kingdom of the Dining Room Table, too. Ours is in a state of hibernation (read: in a box waiting to be moved across country), and rather than Bobzilla attacks, the poor knights have to deal with star speeders and light saber-bearing Jedi. But still.

    GORGEOUS sweater, sock & fishies!!

  2. Your sock looks great! Also the sweater looks great! Love that bright happy yellow! The Koi are beautiful! What fun your pond will be now!
    I loved the pictures and story of Bob-zilla! Glad you are feeling better!

  3. I love Mr. Mellow Yellow. And all his friends.

    Happy to hear that peace was restored–in the Lego kingdom and in you.

  4. I love the sweater, she’ll wear it. She’s discovered dress-up and “pretty”. Plus she needs a new sweater. so thanks in advance.

    i can’t wait to see your kitties.

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