Knit + Spin + Cats

I think I may have found my knitting mojo. Who knew it was hiding in an old torn up knitting magazine with out of date terminology?!  Anyway, I started a sock  friday night and by yesterday I had finished the heal flap and was ready to start turning the heel.

Nameless Sock Design

Nameless Sock Design

I’m really loving the texture of the pattern so far. It’s a really easy two row repeat but its creating such a fabulous almost ribbing effect. Though people, there is no purling except for the cuff (and when the heel flap is worked flat) so that is a plus in most peoples books I know.

Heres a detail of the st

Here's a detail of the st

I’m using Malabrigo Sock in colorway Turner and I think that this design really breaks up any inclination the yarn may have to pool. I’m really quite happy with it so far.

I have also been spinning.

Sunshiny Yellow Merino

Sunshiny Yellow Merino

This is the beautiful sunshiny yellow merino I bought in Minnesota from that amazing shop The Fiber Studio. Seriously, I love that shop and miss it. I wish it was right next to Anacapa Fine Yarns so I could have the worlds most well stocked knit shop & the best fiber shop ever 🙂

I broke out the high speed flyer for the first time the other weekend.  It took a little bit to get used to it, but I think I’m on the right path. I have a weird beginners spinning issue with not putting enough twist into the single & then trying to over ply the yarn.

Poor Bob is once again humiliated on the interweb

Poor Bob is once again humiliated on the interweb

Bob suffers from this kind of attention more than our other cats because he rarely ever gets fed up and leaves.  If the Mr does it then whatever “it” is must be ok with the Bob.

Popcorn toes

Popcorn toes

Funny enough, Bob hates people food. He has no interest at all in it, though Special Ed loves cheese in all forms (especially fake cheese on Mac & Cheese, he will suck it right off the noodle) and A Boy Named Sue loves (and I mean loves)  sourdough bread.


6 thoughts on “Knit + Spin + Cats

  1. I have Turner too, but I hated how it was knitting up. This sock is MUCH better! Maybe it should be named Blanche, I’m just saying, it’s a good name… LOL!!!!

    I also am intrigued by the no purls, the best kind of socks!!

    LOVE that yellow sunshine merino. And Bob! Oh bob, so cute!!!

  2. Psssssst…underspinning the singles, and then plying it very tightly is how you get lovely bouncy sock yarns!

  3. Can Bob come over for a play date with George. He thinks the best thing about popcorn is how he can kick it off the island and then watch the dogs make fools of themselves diving around trying to get it all. Maahhhhhhhhhhhhow!! George says, “Dogs are such dorks.” I disagree – but George says, “What do humans know.”

    Name for sock – Cornrows

    At first I thought Corn on the Cob – I don’t know. Maybe it was the color.

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