Matthias Sweater

The Matthias Sweater is now available for purchase.  

Ravel It!

Mattias is a universally classic sweater design sprinkled lightly with unexpected details.  The sweater is knit flat in pieces with cables at almost every seam edge so that when the sweater is sewn together cables meet and offer a lovely detail.  A cabled collar really adds something different pulling all the different elements together and finishing off this unique design.

The sweater classic enough that every man would find himself comfortable in it, but interesting enough that the knitter will enjoy it’s construction.

Just enough pattern with out getting too “fussy” as my husband would say.

Seaming details add a an extra unexpected pop


4 thoughts on “Matthias Sweater

  1. Love. LOVE the sweater. Love everything about it…color, cables, very nice.
    I love your blog too, which I just discovered from the link on Ravelry.
    And Congratulations!
    I quit smoking in 2001 after smoking more years than you are old.

  2. I loved this the first time I saw it, even though I never considered myself an orange hue lover, I loved this! FIRE!

    congrats on publishing the pattern deary,
    Aunt Preita Kicks Ass!

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