Anniversary of a Different Sort

(Quick FYI to the blog contest winners, your packages went out yesterday but I forgot to take a picture of them so you will now be completely surprised).

As the title says, today is an anniversary of a different sort for me.  Today is officially two weeks since I had my last cigarette.   Yup, I quit smoking.  I didn’t really intend to, (though I knew full well I should have done this years ago) I actually just got really sick and couldn’t even cope with the idea of further hurting my barely gasping lungs.  So I went one day with out, then two, then three, and as I got better I wanted to smoke again, but I resisted.  And then it was a week and now two.

I won’t lie. I miss it, I crave it and if it wasn’t so harmful I would still be doing it.  But I’m not, my will power is stronger than the want.  I wonder if it will ever go away, if I will ever not want to smoke? 

The Mr is now on the band wagon. We have been a completely smoke free zone for a couple of days and I will admit they have been a rough couple of days.  Where I was lucky enough to ride out my nicotine fits in a drug induced stupor he was not.  There were a few times things became more irritating than they should have been.

Then yesterday we found out that we owe big time on our taxes.  We owe 4x as much as we’ve ever owed. And yes, we have double checked (multiple times).   It seems that claiming “0” means squat, that even though they take the most allowable out of my paycheck each week it’s still not enough, which I don’t quite fully understand. 

So maybe this year we will be buying some 100% tax deductible alpacas and boarding them up at Mette’s ranch. (I joke, maybe).

It’s a little painful to watch those that pay less in taxes than us get more back, but there’s really nothing to be done.  I guess the only ones that we can blame are ourselves, if we didn’t make the amounts we do none of this would happen.  So I’m sure there are better things to complain about, but this one has really pushed a button.


12 thoughts on “Anniversary of a Different Sort

  1. You are not alone! We just got word today about what we owe. Now we have to pay in advance, and what we owe. It really hurts! Thank god, I have my stash, fiber and yarn to console myself. Way to go on the not smoking. My mom was a smoker and she quit when she was almost 60. She had a fake cigarette thingy, were she sucked on. She needed it for a few month, after that she was fine. :o)

  2. Giving up smoking is a great way to stuff it to the Tax Man! You don’t pay tax on the cigarettes and you live a lot longer giving you time to get your money’s worth from the government.

    Good luck with giving up – I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  3. Congrats to the fiber winners.. Preita gives the BEST prizes…
    Also keep up the non smoking.. I am sure its a hard thing to quit…

    And We have some very nice fiber boys for sale at some reasnable prices..LMFAO!!!!
    Or how about llamas???
    Or some really cute lambs.. And we know where you can have it processed to boot!!!!

    he he he he….
    Hugs… M

  4. That is exactly how I quit smoking several years ago. You can do it! Stay with it!

    I hear your pain on the taxes. It wasn’t until we bought our house 3 years ago that we finally didn’t owe anything to the Feds. I hated writing those checks to them. All I wanted to do was curse at them for taking my hard earned money away. Dan was in charge of writing the checks. =)

  5. You get major humungo props on quitting. Good luck–you do have a tremendous amount of willpower, and I have no doubt that you can stick with it and get to a point where the cravings are either gone or easily ignored. Go you! 🙂

  6. Congratulations on quitting smoking!

    I will have some tea today in respect to your tax dilemma. Sometimes being a grown up is not all it’s cracked up to be!

  7. 1) Good for Matt for joining you
    2) You quit exactly the same way my b/f quit. She got sick and figured if she could not smoke then she could not smoke now. It’s been 4 years for her.
    3) Taxes. Well you know I was in the same boat. I feel your pain. This year you need to either buy a house or an alpaca. If you are going to have to spend the $ anyway, why not spend it on something you want!

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