Winners and Spinners

The results are in. I used a random number generator 4 times to come up with 4 different commenter’s and prize winners. They are, in no particular order…

Alli from Knitasaurus
Amy from the Threadpanda

Alana from Nevernotknitting
(Woah! So many “A” names!)

Alright gals, I will be emailing you shortly for addresses & such. I will be posting pictures here Monday of the packages if you would like a sneak peek at your prize 😉

In other news I think I’ve kinda lost my knitting mojo. I’m not sure why, I just can’t really concentrate on any project or find something that really inspires me to knit.  This might be because I am finally feeling well after being sick as a dog so I’m not too worried about it.  I have been reading up a storm and also spinning some. 

Electric Blue Wenselydale

Electric Blue Wenselydale

I won’t even bother to tell you that the color isn’t quite right here. Is it ever really right? This yarn is actually much darker and at the same time brighter in color.

Another view

Another view

I didn’t pay attention to the label when I pulled this roving out to spin. I just got myself settled and away I went. I thoughtI was spinning merino but the entire time I kept thinking “Man, this is hairy merino! It’s to soft to be coridale, not fuzzy enough for fin sheep, not silky enough for BFL, nothing like romney, definitely not Shetland.” This could have all been solved in the beginning if I would have read the beautiful little label stating that this was indeed Wenselydale.

I have never spun Wenselydale before which is why I couldn’t recognize it at all. The texture is a cross between Fin Sheep and BFL. It’s a little course but with a silky finish. As you can also see, it’s a little bit hairy but I honestly haven’t washed it yet so that might go away.

I bought 8 ounces of this a few months back and still have the last 4 to spin. I can’t tell you how much I love this deep saturated color. There’s just enough variegation so that it’s not just blue, but not to much where it gets muddy. I’m not a fan of variegated yarns, I appreciate their beauty but I usually don’t buy them. This though, is perfect.

The roving is from Lisa Souza and all her colors are just beautiful. The shipping was really super fast and the product is to dye for (ha! Dye get it?).  I really recommend her fibers and will become a repeat customer for sure!


6 thoughts on “Winners and Spinners

  1. That looks sooo pretty! I bet it is even nicer in real life. All your lovely yarns and spinning progress is definitely tempting my very strict No New Hobbies rule!

    Just think of all the nice handspun you’ll have to knit with when your mojo returns! So lucky!

  2. Yay…glad you’re feeling better. I just haven’t been around lately so I missed your blogiversary. Happy Bday! Lovely yarn and color you’re giving away.

  3. Wow! Spinning is on my list of things to learn, and your beautiful yarn is not making it any easier to put off learning! It is jsut so pretty!

    I wish I had one of those computer screens from Willy Wonka and the Chocloate Factory (old version). That way I could reach in and feel it.

  4. Hi Prieta,
    Been thinking about you I would like to try your cowl but don’t understand how you cast on 84 and then knit in only 2…I can follow that, but after the square is done…where do you go to start another? cut thread and start on stitch 3? Can you tell I don’t follow directions well? Think I need to watch you.

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