Minnesota Recap

I am back from Minnesota and slowly gaining ground against the plague I’ve been infected with.  Though I’ve thought with consistency about writing this this blog I’ve actually been conflicted as to what to say.  See, the trip that I was so excited to take turned out to be a trip much different than I expected.  I’m sure a lot of it has to do with becoming more and more ill as the trip went on, but there were a few things that had nothing to do with health (at least physical health).

There were two realizations that I made while traveling alone. One; I do not do well with out the Mr, it’s not a co-dependent teenage thing, it’s that he’s my best friend, my better half, and everything I find good in this world. With out him for one day, I can do, the proceeding days became worse and worse as I was less able to cope with the harshness of some situations.  See, he balances me out, makes me neither to accommodating nor too mean, with out him my scale tips wildly from side to side.   Two; living so long with the Mr’s family I have had my armor slowly chipped away with out even knowing it.  My tough hide has been softened by those that would never choose to throw out a snide hurtful remark.  I have become complacent in the company of those that use no guilt or shame in their daily lives.  So unused to ducking these barbs I fear I left myself wide open quite a few times, and though just six years ago these verbal missiles would have just bounced off with out a second thought, they now sunk deep and I find myself still probing the mental wounds, currious as to why they hurt so much.

Because of my ill health during this trip I did approximately 1/2 of what I set out to do.  Though I find this a little upsetting, nothing more could have been done.  I was just not strong enough to cope.  I did manage to visit quite  a few yarn shops though dragging my dad through all of them.  I will not write reviews of the shops as quite a few of them were incredibly disappointing (either in their staff or just basic selection) but I will list the two that I found quite exciting.

Bella Lana in Minneapolis is a beautiful little boutique shop where the shelves are delicately and deliberately arranged with one skien per color of each yarn on stark white shelves. The effect is quite beautiful and inspiring as you are not overwhelmed by the amount of yarn.  Also, upon entering the shop you are greeted with the most adorable Italian Greyhound ever named Enzo.  That alone is worth the visit.

The second was a complete surprise to me. The Fiber Studio (also in Minneapolis) does not sell yarn. They sell only fiber! Not only were the people in this shop some of the most friendly of the day the shop was just amazing. A small space crammed with all sorts of lovely fibers and colors. It was definitely the highlight of my day!

The Fiber Studio in Minneapolis

The Fiber Studio in Minneapolis

Despite my earlier yarn shop disappointments I did come away with quite a few things 🙂

The Haul (the Octopus Needle Holder is probably my favorite thing ever!)

The Haul (the Octopus Needle Holder is probably my favorite thing ever!)

I still have many more pictures to upload but at least that’s a start as I was starting to get the “so how was it?” emails 😉 All in all the trip was ok. I will not be making it again with out the Mr though as I am now unable to deffend myself against ludicrousness remarks.

A small sample of pictures to come later.

A small sample of pictures to come later.


4 thoughts on “Minnesota Recap

  1. Preita, how are you? What horrible person(s) have wronged you? Sounds like I might have to kick some ass for you (I’ve never made that offer to anyone!).
    I hope you are ‘feeling’ better (health wise or emotionally). You have to know you are the most amazing person ever, and I KNOW you have the self confidence to withstand any harshness thrown your way. I KNOW IT!
    Your purchases are so cool. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Octopus needle holder. I picked it as a fave before I scrolled down to your response (“great minds…”).
    I miss you….let’s ‘hang’ sometime. I think we need a yarn roadtrip! See you soon!!

  2. What you wrote about your Mr. is EXACTLY how I feel about mine. So good to know that someone out there knows the happiness that I have.

    Hope you are feeling better.

  3. Hey dearheart, sorry that your trip was bittersweet but it does sound like you were able to spend time with your Dad, which is good right? I hope you feel better soon and I can’t wait to see the rest of your lovely photos.
    We all love you!

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