Knits In Abundance!

The last few weeks I have been a little more quiet around the blog, talking less, trying to shove in more photos to make up for the lessening content.  Let’s just say, I wasn’t feeling very well but I’m better now, and getting better every day I do believe. So blogging shall continue to it’s normal stream of babbling even a brook couldn’t compete with (get it? Babbling. Brook? HA I crack me up).

First up, this little guy has been sitting around done for a couple of weeks and never got blogged. All together now “aw, sad”. 🙂 So here I introduce you to Sid the Squid (some of you may even get the reference, if not, fear not, you are just not as big of a dork as me).

Sid hangs out with ripened oranges and well watered succulents.

Sid hangs out with ripened oranges and well watered succulents.

Let me take your attention away from the cute as a button squid for just one second, looking past him into the background you see such a fantastic blurriness.  That would be because I have now in my possession a brand spanking new 85mm prime lens. I am in love. 

I have also finally washed the blue cable scarf. It is now even more fantastic.

So cabley!

So cabley!

I also finished my test sweater for my Matthias pattern. It will be available by Wednesday for those of you looking for it. 🙂

Side view (not seriously flattering though)

Side view (not seriously flattering though)

I really wanted to make sure everything was as perfect as it could be since I plan on offering this knit for sale.  I’ve had a few people write me confusing emails about my entrelac cowl pattern (and entreleac is confusing enough with out having to think about it in the round) even though when I knit it (from my own pattern) everything comes out fine, so I don’t want any of those emails on a sweater scale.

I think the most difficult part for people will be the collar (you knit it almost 2″ shorter than the actual measurement of the neck hole opening) and shoulder/epilet transistion. I’ve tried to write it as clearly as I can but I expect emails.

In other news, we seem to have a marauding giant cat attacking Innocent castles & chomping on helpless lego men.

Bob Smash

Bob Smash

God speed little lego warrior.

Nom Nom Nom


3 thoughts on “Knits In Abundance!

  1. I have a couple of pattern that I published separate blog tutorials for fitzy techniques. You could do that with the sweater. Reference the blog post on ravelry and such and that way you can be as wordy as you like with extra details and not make the pattern 25 pages long 🙂

  2. Have I mentioned lately how much I love cables? Really, I do. Your scarf is delicious and the sweater looks great with its minimilistic approach.

    Sid the Squid is too cute for words! But, I don’t get the reference. I’ll have to ask my husband; he’s quite the geek.

  3. Nice sweater! Good luck with the pattern! I work in a yarn store, and no matter how clear a pattern is, someone is going to interpret something completely differently than the way it was intended.

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