Spring Greens

I’ve started a new sweater. I’m kinda making it up as I go along. This green Blue Sky Dyed cotton has been in my stash for over a year. It was time to clean it out.  That’s my goal this year. Clean out the stash, knit what I have & discover that I have more than I think I do.  I’ve overspilled my closet drawers & it’s time to get real about using this yarn up.

One sleeve is right side out, one is inside out. Im just not sure which one is which yet.

One sleeve is right side out, one is inside out. I'm just not sure which one is which yet.

Spring has also come to California. The flowers are blooming, the bugs are alive, the lizards are getting fat once more & the cats are allowed outside. Not my cats mind you, my cats aren’t at all interested in the “outside”.

Mr. Ghetto of the big eyes & head.

Mr. Ghetto of the big eyes & head.

 My inlaws are now back from Arizona so that means that we are done dog sitting for now. I still don’t understand how it’s fair that they got the baby (our niece) & we got the dog.  Tyler is deep down a good dog, but he’s such a bad mannered spaz I often forget that. Let’s just say that I’m relieved he’s gone. 

Today my new lens is being delivered and I’m just about hopping out of my chair with excitement! Also, it’s just under a week before I’m heading to Minnesota which is awesome.  My list of places to go, see, and photograph is ever expanding.  There are so many things you do not do in the state you grew up in.  So many things that seem normal but are truly beautiful.  Maybe this is why I do all the “dorky” stuff in California & why I insist on stopping to take pictures whenever the whim hits me.  Thankfully, the husband seems to fully understand.

Ghetto is probably one of the prettiest cats ever. His head is so big & his eyes are amazingly wide!

Roses roses everywhere.

 This weekend I have set a goal of 5-7K worth of words to write, plus adding the edits I did earlier last week. Thankfully, it seems to want to rain so I don’t have to feel bad about spending time indoors on the computer.


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