Herman The Hermit Crab

Interwebs, meet Herman the Hermit Crab 🙂

I pinch.

"I pinch."

Pattern: Hermit Crab
Yarn: Jitterbug for the shell & Ultra Alpaca for the body (2 colors)
Needles: US 4
Verdict: I love him more than is healthy.
Please go visit the designers site for more information.

I seem to be on a toy kick lately.  I have never really been one for the knitted toys but after finishing so many large projects I really needed some small satisfying knits.  That’s not to say this guy was easy.  This is definitely not a beginners pattern but I think that if you have ever knit a sock you will be able to bang this guy out with out so much trouble.

The key is short rows.  The brilliance of the short row shaping is absolutely mind blowing.  The legs curve gently by themselves even with out the pipe cleaners I shoved in there.  The shell was tougher, but only because it got tight near the end.  The designer says that you can use straits which I did, but I recommend knitting the shell on circulars so you have some more room to maneuver the stitches.

The hardest part of the whole project (for me) was sewing in the legs and head into the shell.  I had a harder time positioning everything quite right, but in the end it all worked out perfectly.  

I couldn’t be happier with this project, everything about it really makes me happy.  I’m really glad that I didn’t choose standard crab colors either because I don’t think the overall effect would have been as nice. Plus, there are very few sea creatures that are naturally red before cooking and I wanted a LIVE crab 🙂

Immediately after finishing this little guy up I cast on for the Fiddler Crab. I know that I said I would be done with short rows & “make 8” for a while, but I obviously lied.  After that I may be done, or I may cast on for the Praying Mantis and then call it a day. 

I think this tangent comes from the weather here in California lately.  It’s cold in the morning but is summer-like during the day so I don’t really want to cast on for anymore sweaters right now, but I’m not ready yet to throw myself back into socks.  Soon, I promise, I will move on.  Till then, revel in the cuteness of the crab. 🙂


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